Devendra Singh is a Research Scientist with McAfee Labs. He enjoys working on latest threats and figuring out ways to protect customers from them. His hobbies include playing cricket and reading books.

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McAfee Labs

Macro Malware Adds Tricks, Uses MaxMind to Avoid Detection

Macro malware continues to evolve and use new tricks to evade detection. This threat is responsible for downloading malicious Trojans...

McAfee Labs

Macro Malware Employs Advanced Obfuscation to Avoid Detection

Attacks by macro malware carrying ransomware are growing, as we have recently reported on Blog Central here and here. Now McAfee Labs...

McAfee Labs

Clever Phishing Attacks Target Google, Yahoo, DHL Customers

Last week McAfee Labs received a phishing page that efficiently uses the CSS format of the Gmail login page and...

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