Douglas McKee is a Principal Engineer and Senior Security Researcher for the Advanced Threat Research team, focused on finding new vulnerabilities in both software and hardware. Douglas has an extensive background in vulnerability research, penetration testing, reverse engineering, malware analysis, and forensics and throughout his career has provided software exploitation training to many audiences, including law enforcement. Doug is a regular speaker at industry conferences such as DEF CON and his research is regularly featured in publications with broad readership including Politico, Bleeping Computer, Security Boulevard, Venture Beat, CSO, Politico Morning eHealth, Tech Republic, and Axios.

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McAfee Enterprise ATR

Log4Shell Vulnerability is the Coal in our Stocking for 2021

Overview: On December 9th, a vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) was released on Twitter along with a POC on Github for the Apache...

McAfee Enterprise ATR

The Bug Report – October Edition

Your Cyber Security Comic Relief Apache server version 2.4.50 (CVE-2021-42013) Why am I here? Regardless of the origins, you’ve arrived...

McAfee Enterprise ATR

McAfee Enterprise ATR Uncovers Vulnerabilities in Globally Used B. Braun Infusion Pump

Overview As part of our continued goal to provide safer products for enterprises and consumers, we at McAfee Advanced Threat...

McAfee Enterprise ATR

Overmedicated: Breaking the Security Barrier of a Globally Deployed Infusion Pump

Cyberattacks on medical centers are one of the most despicable forms of cyber threat there is. For instance, on October...

McAfee Labs

Netop Vision Pro – Distance Learning Software is 20/20 in Hindsight

The McAfee Labs Advanced Threat Research team is committed to uncovering security issues in both software and hardware to help...

Security Operations

Hacking Proprietary Protocols with Sharks and Pandas

The human race commonly fears what it doesn’t understand.  In a time of war, this fear is even greater if...

McAfee Labs

Beyond Clubhouse: Vulnerable Agora SDKs Still in Widespread Use

On February 17th, 2021, McAfee disclosed findings based on a 10-month long disclosure process with major video conferencing vendor Agora,...

McAfee Labs

Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You: McAfee ATR Finds Vulnerability in Agora Video SDK

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team is committed to uncovering security issues in both software and hardware to help...

McAfee Labs

Researchers Follow the Breadcrumbs: The Latest Vulnerabilities in Windows’ Network Stack

The concept of a trail of breadcrumbs in the offensive security community is nothing new; for many years, researchers on...

McAfee Labs

Two Pink Lines

Depending on your life experiences, the phrase (or country song by Eric Church) “two pink lines” may bring up a...

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