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RTF Zero-Day Attack CVE-2014-1761 Shows Sophistication of Attackers

A serious RTF zero-day attack has struck recently. McAfee detection solutions were provided a couple of days ago that allowed...

McAfee Labs

RTF Attack Takes Advantage of Multiple Exploits

This is a joint analysis by Haifei Li, Stanley Zhu, and Jun Xie of McAfee Labs Recently, the rich text...

McAfee Labs

McAfee Labs Detects Zero-Day Exploit Targeting Microsoft Office

Last Thursday morning (October 31), our Advanced Exploit Detection System (AEDS), which we discussed in an earlier post, detected a...

McAfee Labs

New Zero-Day Attack Copies Earlier Flash Exploitation

Late on July 10, Microsoft released a blog post disclosing that they were aware of a zero-day attack in the...

McAfee Labs

Tracking PDF Usage Poses a Security Problem

Update on May 2 Adobe has confirmed this vulnerability and has scheduled a patch release for May 14.   Looking...

McAfee Labs

A Quick Analysis of the Flash Player Opcode-Verifying Code Execution Vulnerability

On October 12, McAfee Labs learned of proof-of-concept code exploiting a newly patched Flash Player vulnerability. Adobe had patched this...

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