Joni has more than 20 years of experience in product marketing, marketing, channel management and communications for a variety of security technologies including endpoint, cloud and threat management. Currently focused on enterprise product marketing as well as working with global and partner teams to facilitate training and enablement of sales and partner teams. She is also an avid skier, sailor and short order cook for her teenage children as well as co-handler for the family’s Australian Shepard and his agility training.

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Endpoint Security

What Truebill and Other Financial Apps Have in Common With EDR

Truebill, Chargebee, Fusebill and other financial apps have been inundating my social feeds and until recently I didn’t understand why I would need one of these apps. I’m the type that knows her bank account  balance to the penny and I was shocked to discover that many of my co-workers ...

Endpoint Security

How MVISION Mobile can combat the WhatsApp Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

A new WhatsApp vulnerability has attracted the attention of the press and security professionals around the world. We wanted to provide some information and a quick summary. This post will cover vulnerability analysis and how McAfee MVISION Mobile can help. Background On May 13th, Facebook announced a vulnerability associated with ...

Endpoint Security

Mobile Threat Report Commentary: Mobile Malware is Not Going Away

Employees use their mobile devices to be proactive and stay connected in both their personal and work lives. The movement to the cloud has allowed employees to check email, download documents, and share information that may contain sensitive information, even when they’re not on an enterprise network. Businesses must protect ...

Endpoint Security

When You Can’t Unplug on Vacation

We all need to take a vacation to energize our personal batteries. However, many of us find it hard not to check email or look at the latest update from our executive team.  Until I started working on MVISION Mobile, an enterprise security product which McAfee announced on July 17th, ...

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