Ken McCray

Ken McCray is Head of Channel Sales and Operations for the Americas at McAfee. In this role, McCray is responsible for all channel-related business, generating revenue exceeding $1 billion. McCray is nearing 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry and is a highly respected channel veteran with a wealth of field expertise.

Over the years McCray has been recognized for countless industry awards. Most recently, he was named one of CRN’s 2018 Top 50 Most Influential people and 2018 Top 25 Channel Chiefs.

McCray began his career at McAfee in 1993 as a Channel Account Manager. During his tenure, he has been known for many milestones in transforming the channel organization. Some of those milestones include: creation of the accelerated deal registration program and portal, which is now used globally by over 30,000 partners; expanding our routes-to-market through McAfee Security Innovation Alliances and Managed Services Providers; and launching the Partner Care team in Bangalore to provide back-office support to more than 8,500 reseller partners and distributors. Additionally, McCray is an advocate for diversity and equality in the technology industry and serves as McAfee’s executive sponsor of Women of the Channel.

McCray received his bachelor’s in computer science from DeVry University and an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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