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Last night at the McAfee Americas Partner Summit we recognized elite performance in our channel by handing out our annual partner awards. This year’s group of 19 partners were selected out of the 1000s of partners who we work with and evaluate. Our 2016 winners personified excellence in security practice business acumen throughout 2015 and embody the three pillars of the McAfee Partner Program: strategic engagement, mutual growth and profitability, and driving better customer security outcomes.

Speaking from my perspective as a long-time channel executive, our annual partner awards are absolutely one of the best ways to cap off a couple days of invigorating business discussions with our partner community. Everyone loves recognition. And selfishly it reminds me how the McAfee Partner Program makes the industry’s best security practices better.

These partners are helping lead the charge and pave the way, so others will want to follow. They challenge our entire channel to improve and make my job highly-fulfilling. Most importantly, they are raising the bar on value-added services that benefit our end customers by expertly leveraging McAfee’s suite of integrated security technology and services that simplify the Threat Defense Lifecycle.

My deepest thanks goes to all of our partners for making the commitment to investing in our organization, but right now the folks listed below earned a special place in my heart. I’m already excited thinking about the next set of security practices that we’ll be able to bring along this year for our 2017 awards.

That said, below is the list of our 2016 McAfee Americas Partner Award winners:

 Latin America (LTAM)

  • Tecnasa, Partner of the Year – Northern Region, Latin America
  • Novared S.A., Partner of the Year – Southern Region, Latin America
  • Scunna Network Technologies, Partner of the Year – Brazil
  • Software Express S.A. de CV, Partner of the Year – Mexico
  • MPS Mayorista de Colombia, Distribution Partner of the Year – Latin America

North America (NA)

  • Secure Technologies International, Federal Partner of the Year – Canada
  • Tech Data Canada, Distribution Partner of the Year – Canada
  • Information Systems Architects, Partner of the Year – Canada
  • International Systems Marketing, Sub 25M Commercial Partner of the Year – United States
  • Forsythe, Sub 25M Partner of the Year – United States
  • ThunderCat Technology, Federal Partner of the Year – United States
  • CDW, GHE Partner of the Year – United States
  • Optiv, Commercial Partner of the Year – United States
  • Tech Data, Distribution Partner of the Year – United States
  • SHI, Partner of the Year – United States

Americas (LTAM and NA)

  • DG Technology, Marketing Innovation Award – Americas
  • Ingram Micro and Tech Data, Community Service Leaders of the Year – Americas
  • Dyntek, Partner of the Year – Americas
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