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Cloud Security

Only 1 in 100 Cloud Providers Meet Proposed EU Data Protection Requirements

Whether your organization is based in Europe, has operations in Europe, or handles data pertaining to EU residents, a proposed...

Cloud Security

The Great Russian Hacker Heist & the “Shadow ID” Problem it Exposed

On Monday the world learned that a small crew of Russian hackers stole 1.2 billion internet passwords. Before digging into...

Cloud Security

McAfee MVISION Cloud and SafeNet Team Up on Encryption Key Management

More and more organizations have been asking to encrypt their data in business-critical SaaS applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and...

Cloud Security

McAfee MVISION Cloud and Google Drive for Work

Google recently announced a new version of its popular file-sharing service, Google Drive for Work, that lets enterprise users securely...

Cloud Security

“Delivering Happiness” – the Tagline Every CIO Needs to Understand

The best companies are dedicated to their customers and build their processes using the customer’s experience as the primary gauge...

Cloud Security

Don’t Get Snowdened: 5 Questions Every CEO Should Ask Their CIO / CISO

Today is the 1-year anniversary of the historic Snowden disclosure. In the year since the first stories about Edward Snowden...

Cloud Security

What are the Top Data Loss Prevention Tools?

Gartner estimates the data loss prevention market size (DLP) reached $670 million in 2013, a 25% increase over the prior...

Cloud Security

How to Achieve Regulatory Compliance When Using Google Drive (Video)

Today’s enterprises are eager to move to the cloud in order to drive employee productivity, reduce costs, and increase agility....

Cloud Security

McAfee MVISION Cloud 1st CASB to be ISO 27001 Certified

One of the most robust certifications a cloud service provider can attain is ISO 27001 certification. Attaining ISO certification is is...

Cloud Security

Cloud Security to the Stars (Video)

Michael Keithley has a pretty cool job. He’s the CIO for Creative Artists Agency (CAA), who’s clients include almost every...

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