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Mobile and IoT Security

McAfee Hidden Device Admin Detector – Free Protection from Android Malware

A few weeks ago, we told you about Obad, a backdoor Trojan that targets the Android operating system (OS). What differentiates a Trojan from a traditional virus is that this type of software attempts to masquerade as something useful in order to trick users into opening the file and then ...

McAfee Labs

Styx Exploit Kit Takes Advantage of Vulnerabilities

Web-based malware has increased over the last few years due to an abrupt spike in new exploit kits. These kits target vulnerabilities in popular applications and provide an effective way for cybercriminals to distribute malware. We have already discussed Red Kit, a common exploit kit. Recently McAfee Labs has observed ...

Mobile and IoT Security McAfee Labs

Mobile Malware Plays Hide and Seek

Android/Obad.A is mobile malware that has been described as very complex. Truly it is one of the most complex we’ve seen because it: Uses Bluetooth to infect other Android devices Accepts commands from the attacker Hides from the Device Administration list This is a good collection of malicious activities for ...

Enterprise Family Safety

“Kik me” – The App Your Kids are Using Now: Kik

When I was young, ‘Kick Me’ was a phrase that was scrawled on a piece of notebook paper and stuck to an unsuspecting kid’s backpack. These days,  ‘Kik me’ is a way to ask other people to message you on an application for your smartphone. Kik, advertised as the fast, simple, ...

Family Safety Identity Protection Mobile and IoT Security

Why it’s Critical to Protect Data on Digital Devices

When devices are lost or hacked and your data is exposed, not only is this a pain to deal with, but you could become a victim of identity theft. Not only do victims of identity theft suffer loss of time  but they also lose money that may not be able ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Smart Perimeter – A Security Fence For Your Digital Devices

Everyone has experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when you look around and realize that one of your prized possessions is missing.  Whether it’s your wallet, keys, or smartphone, that feeling of panic and loss is devastating.   In today’s digitally connected world that feeling has become incredibly too common. In a recent ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Obad.a – What You Need to Know About the Latest Android Threat

With the convenience of our mobile apps, we increasingly rely on our phones for work and play.  But did you know that those same apps might be leaving you vulnerable to some nasty mobile malware? Amongst the worst type of malware, software that damages your computer or mobile, is a ...


Perceived vs. Actual Security – Get The Best of Both With Trustmarks

Sometimes you just get that feeling—whether it has to do with betting ‘all in’ during a game of Blackjack or visiting a sketchy website when shopping online—there’s definitely something to be said about listening to your intuition. With the number of data breaches and online scams on the rise, more ...

McAfee Labs

Syrian Crisis Reminds Us to Beware of ‘Charity’ Scams

The dismal situation in Syria has gained considerable sympathy in the rest of the world. Unfortunately, playing on our emotions is a typical strategy of cybercriminals. Today I received an email calling for donations to be made to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to help Syrian refugees. ...

Family Safety

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Hiding?

Many of you as parents may think, not much when asked this question. But in reality, it’s probably a lot more than you think. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that in McAfee’s 2013 study Digital Deception: Exploring the Online Disconnect between Parents and Kids that examines ...

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