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McAfee Innovation Alliance Partners Continue to Expand Our Open Ecosystem

McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partners Continue to Expand Our Open, Integrated Security Ecosystem Only a year ago, at our FOCUS 15 event, we announced our new strategy centered on an integrated, open security system—powered by a connected architecture across McAfee and third-party products. Since then, our McAfee Security Innovation Alliance ...

Cloud Security

How Secure Is Your Private Cloud?

Blog post written by Peter Bury. There is a lot of emphasis and excitement around the growth and versatility of public clouds, overshadowing the strong growth and development of private clouds. A private cloud is not just a virtualized infrastructure of compute and storage services. It is an automated and ...

Executive Perspectives

Risky Business: Miscalculating Cyber Threats

This blog was written by Allison Cerra, McAfee’s former CMO. Human beings are an amazingly resilient species. I’m not speaking merely of our collective abilities in building and growing productive civilizations the world over. I’m referring to a much more important, even if less understood, characteristic—that of our ability to ...


Now is the Time to Invest in Cyber Security Skills

This blog was written by Scott Montgomery, McAfee’s previous vice president and chief technology officer of public sector. Each National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a new opportunity to highlight the importance of concepts like observing best practices, refreshing outdated technology, and designing security into the latest connected devices. But few ...

Executive Perspectives

Who Needs Another Cybersecurity Book?

This blog was written by Allison Cerra, McAfee’s former CMO. One could argue the last thing the world needs is another book on cybersecurity. A simple search of the term on Amazon yields nearly 1,700 results. A Google search of the same renders nearly 27 million hits. In fact, one ...

Consumer Threat Reports Identity Protection

How Valuable Is Your Health Care Data?

This blog was written by Bruce Snell. Health care is a hot topic in security right now. A quick search for “hospital ransomware” returns a laundry list of news reports on hospitals as targets of cyberattacks. However, it is not just ransomware that people need to worry about. In the ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Unsecured IoT Devices Behind Last Week’s DDoS Attack, More Likely to Come

A hyper-connected world offers a lot of benefits, but it also comes with a lot of risk. President Obama has said it himself. Just this past week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he wondered aloud, “How do we continue to get all the benefits of being in cyberspace, but protect our ...


McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Enables Security and Savings

Warehouse retailers thrive by taking advantage of efficiencies that happen at scale and passing those savings on to consumers. But those money-saving efficiencies aren’t just found in the merchandise on the shelves, they’re also found on the backend in the form of more efficient IT infrastructure. One such retailer with ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Boo! The Spookiest Mobile Hacks of 2016

Endless candy, an excuse to dress up as a character from your favorite comic book, and carving pumpkins with family… What’s not to love about Halloween? But witches, ghosts, and goblins aren’t the only things to fear this time of year. This Halloween, there’s a different kind of spooky story—mobile ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Major Websites Twitter, Spotify, Netflix Shut Down by DDoS Attack

We’re no strangers to Armageddon-scenario movies, but today a real disaster hit the internet. Using brute-force tactics that flood key elements of the internet’s structure, cybercriminals managed to shut down a variety of popular websites. The resulting chaos essentially closed the entire East Coast of the U.S., before spreading to ...

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