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Techies Give Back at Tech Forum

This blog was written by Chance Hoover. Earlier this month, more than 100 channel partner engineers from across the Americas came together in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, for 5 days of learning at the 10th annual Americas Technical Forum.  This group, along with 60 McAfee staff, made the journey for multiple ...

Consumer Threat Reports

Microsoft Discovers Malware in Word Files! Here’s What You Need to Know

Microsoft Word is omnipresent. Students use it for their academic careers and office workers, well, office workers pretty much live in Word files. However, the program’s ubiquity is a useful tool for cybercriminals, who have for a long time infected Word files with malware. It’s an old standby that’s constantly ...

Consumer Threat Reports

When Voice Recognition Goes Wrong: YouTube Videos Can Say “Ok Google”

YouTube videos are like today’s candid camera: they can be fun, educational, and, sometimes, a window into someone else’s most embarrassing moments. But videos we watch could just as easily flip the tables and allow intrusions into our own lives. How? By containing secret instructions capable of triggering voice-recognition tools ...

Mobile and IoT Security

The Four Mobile Security Threats You Need to Know About

“Florals for Spring, groundbreaking.” There are few movie quotes that continue to resonate as much as the line delivered by Meryl Streep’s character in the modern classic “The Devil Wears Prada”. The line sparked memes galore, poked fun at the showy culture surrounding fashion, and mocked the pressure our society ...


Tips for Securing SSL Renegotiation

A number of Internet connections require SSL renegotiation, a Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security process that allows the changing of the details of a handshake after a connection is made with the server. Renegotiation is required when no client-server authentication is initially required while making an SSL connection but is ...

Consumer Threat Reports

How Virtual Reality and Facebook Photos Helped Researchers Hack Biometric Security

Years ago, holograms were considered science-fiction. Things have changed. Within recent memory, we’ve gone from seeing well-loved, but deceased, cultural icons appearing onstage at music awards, to CEOs attending big meetings in holographic form. Obviously, our ability to project ourselves through virtual reality across the globe has evolved. But so ...

Consumer Threat Reports

80% of Android Phones Are at Risk! Luckily, People Can Use Encryption for Safety

Let’s imagine you traveled back in time, smartphone in pocket. Let’s say a medieval peasant sees you using this strange device. Naturally, they’d be curious. Would you be able to explain how it works? Most people wouldn’t, for a reason—smartphones are designed to be easy to use. And this can ...

McAfee Partners

Becoming an Experimental Marketer

A few years ago, Optimizely decided to try something different for the 2013 Dreamforce event, a developer and user mega-conference hosted by Salesforce in San Francisco. Instead of spending the hefty $20,000 to set up a booth at the conference, they decided to spend $7,000 to launch a 20-foot illuminated ...

Mobile and IoT Security

Send Your Kids Back to School with Mobile Safety in Mind

The days are getting shorter and your bags are (finally) unpacked from the annual family vacation. Summer is officially coming to an end. For kids, nothing is more bittersweet than switching gears from hot days filled with play dates and summer camps to long school days and early mornings. For ...

Consumer Threat Reports

This Year at Black Hat: Danger Drones and Thermostat Ransomware

This blog was written by Bruce Snell. Last week I went to one of the few places hotter than it is here in Texas: Las Vegas.  Every year, the security industry gathers together for a week of education, demonstration and socialization at Black Hat, DefCon and BSides.  A lot of ...

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