Oliver Devane is currently a Senior Security Researcher at McAfee. He is based in the UK office and has over 10 years of experience analyzing Malware and Potentially Unwanted Programs.

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How To Use McAfee ATP to Protect Against Emotet, LemonDuck and PowerMiner

Introduction This blog describes how McAfee ATP (Adaptive Threat Protection) rules are used within McAfee Endpoint Security products. It will...

McAfee Labs

Office 365 Users Targeted by Voicemail Scam Pages

McAfee Labs has been observing a new phishing campaign using a fake voicemail message to lure victims into entering their Office 365 email credentials.

McAfee Labs

McAfee AMSI Integration Protects Against Malicious Scripts

This blog describes how the AMSI (Antimalware Scan Interface) is used within the various McAfee products, and highlights some of the malware we are able to detect with it.

McAfee Labs

16Shop Now Targets Amazon

Since early November 2018 McAfee Labs have observed a phishing kit, dubbed 16Shop, being used by malicious actors to target...

McAfee Labs

Pay-Per-Install Company Deceptively Floods Market with Unwanted Programs

For the past 18 months, McAfee Labs has been investigating a pay-per-install developer, WakeNet AB, responsible for spreading prevalent adware...

McAfee Labs

Phishing Attacks Employ Old but Effective Password Stealer

A few months ago we received a sample from a customer that turned out to be a password stealer (PWS). One...

McAfee Labs

Trillium Exploit Kit Update Offers ‘Security Tips’

McAfee Labs has previously blogged about the Trillium Exploit Kit Version 3.0, which is commonly used to create and distribute malware....

McAfee Labs

Hacktivists Turn to Phishing to Fund Their Causes

At McAfee we recently observed a phishing campaign targeting Apple account holders. The link directed the user to a compromised WordPress...

McAfee Labs

Trillium Toolkit Leads to Widespread Malware

Any aspiring cybercriminal can buy one of many malicious toolkits to craft a downloader and distribute malware. After a time these downloaders...

McAfee Labs

Malicious Forums Turn Amateur Hackers Into Cybercriminals

Security researchers are aware of forums that offer downloads of malicious software such as keyloggers and remote access tools. Some inexperienced...

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