Sang Ryol Ryu

Security Researcher, McAfee Consumer Engineering

SangRyol specializes in the analysis of mobile threats and Android malware. Before SangRyol joined the team, he used to analysis embedded devices such as routers, printers, and smartphones more than 5 years. Now he is focusing on mobile threats as a mobile researcher at McAfee. SangRyol finds fun on finding malwares, vulnerabilities on mobile devices. Besides of the works, SangRyol enjoys indoor sports climbing.

Articles by Author

McAfee Labs
Clever Billing Fraud Applications on Google Play: Etinu
A new wave of fraudulent apps has made its way to the Google Play store, targeting Android...
McAfee Labs
MalBus Actor Changed Market from Google Play to ONE Store
McAfee Mobile Research team has found another variant of MalBus on an education application, developed by a...

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