A seasoned technology and business executive with extensive experience building world class teams and best of breed software products. Shailaja has led global engineering teams delivering cloud-enabled security software solutions to >500 million users. A passionate leader with a proven track record for launching innovative and first-to-market security solutions across consumer, SMB and enterprise segments.

Most recently, as the General Manager of WW Mobile and ISP Business Unit, Shailaja lead the consumer IoT and connected home security strategy and execution leading a cross-functional team working with ISPs, Telcos, MVNOs and Router OEMs.

Currently, Shailaja is responsible for foundational tech that powers all McAfee endpoints across platforms, data center security, and the enterprise client tech-stack including secure messaging platform and OpenDXL (Data Exchange Layer).

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Endpoint Security

From Mobile and ISP to Endpoint Engineering: Undergoing a Role Transition in the Security Industry

The technology around us is constantly changing, and cybersecurity practices are evolving to match these new innovations. As the cybersecurity landscape shifts to meet the needs presented by new technology, opportunities arise for cybersecurity professionals to step into new roles – an experience I recently underwent myself. I’ve recently shifted ...


Verizon Teams Up with McAfee to Secure Today’s Connected Home

Few fields and industries change as rapidly as those in the technology sector. This fast-moving, adaptable and growing sector creates new applications, new devices, and new efficiencies designed to make our everyday lives easier — sometimes in ways we’ve never imagined. But more devices and applications, from a security standpoint, ...


Ghosts of Botnets Past, Present, and Future

‘Twas the morning of October 21st, and all through the house many IoT devices were stirring, including a connected mouse. Of course, this wasn’t the night before Christmas, but rather the morning of Dyn — the 2016 DDoS attack on the service provider that took the entire East Coast offline ...


Cyberbullying’s Impact on Both Society and Security

In my last piece, I broke down the who, what, and how of cyberbullying, as most people are unaware of how the problem actually takes a variety of forms. With multiple types of cyberbullies and methods for digital bullying impacting kids today, the phenomenon’s effect on society is nothing short ...


The Who, What, and How of Cyberbullying

The internet has allowed society to stay connected in more ways than ever before. We can speak to strangers across the globe, connect with loved ones in an instant, and share our lives publicly. As much as the internet has connected us in positive, eye-opening ways, its interactive nature has ...


A New Security Age Needs a New Approach to Security

Security evolves to meet the needs of the age. Keys, for example, were created to secure homes and possessions. Encryption, the elements of which stretch back for thousands of years, filled the need to secure messages over a long distance. Security – as both a concept and an industry — ...


The Connection Between IoT and Consumers’ Physical Health

When we think about how technology impacts our daily lives, we don’t really notice it unless it’s a big-picture concept. In fact, there are many areas where technology plays an outsized impact on our lives — and we hardly notice it at all. Traffic lights can be controlled remotely, thermostats ...

Consumer McAfee Partners

Together is Power: Why McAfee Partnered With British Telecom Group

Cybersecurity threats are growing in both number and strength day by day, making it almost impossible for any one person or organization to maintain a secure environment. This threat is potent, often indiscriminate, and puts both organizations and consumers at risk. Protection, therefore, requires an equally powerful and robust response. ...


How to Protect Your Connected Devices from Common Cyberattacks

When it comes to internet security, we all suffer from a condition known as optimism bias. It’s the simple idea that we, individually, won’t be affected negatively by an externality compared to others. The same mental distortion happens in the digital world. We read a lot about cybercrime and assume ...


Understanding Your Kid’s Smart Gadgets

When people think about IoT devices, many often think of those that fill their homes. Smart lights, ovens, TVs, etc. But there’s a whole other type of IoT devices that are inside the home that parents may not be as cognizant of – children’s toys. In 2018, smartwatches, smart teddy ...

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