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McAfee Labs

Configuring McAfee ENS and VSE to Prevent Macroless Code Execution in Office Apps

Microsoft Office macros are a popular method of distributing malware. Users can defend themselves against macro attacks by disabling macros. McAfee Labs has now seen a new attack technique using a feature of Office applications that help create dynamic reports. In this post we will explain this technique and offer ...

McAfee Labs

Macro Malware Targets Macs

Macro malware has been spreading for years. New techniques arise all the time to hide malicious code and thus increase the difficulty of analysis. However, just targeting Microsoft Windows no longer seems to be enough for the malware authors. The Mac appears to be the new challenge, and attackers appear ...

McAfee Labs

‘Banking’ Malware Dridex Arrives via Phishing Email

Microsoft Office scripting malware has become more and more common and aggressive lately as malware authors constantly develop new techniques to evade detection and deceive users. This kind of malware, as mentioned in previous posts, usually arrives as an attached document within a phishing email. After the “document” is opened, ...

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