Yukihiro Okutomi, Senior Mobile Malware Researcher, specializes in mobile malware research, analysis and detection. He is based in Tokyo, Japan, and keeps watching mobile threats in Japan in addition to world-wide mobile threats.

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McAfee Labs

MoqHao Related Android Spyware Targeting Japan and Korea Found on Google Play

The McAfee mobile research team has found a new type of Android malware for the MoqHao phishing campaign (a.k.a. XLoader and Roaming Mantis) targeting Korean and Japanese users. A series of attack campaigns are still active, mainly targeting Japanese users. The new spyware has very different payloads from the existing ...

McAfee Labs

Pirate Versions of Popular Apps Infiltrate Google Play via Virtualization

The McAfee Mobile Research team recently found pirated applications of popular apps distributed on the Google Play store. A pirated app is one distributed usually outside of the official store as a free version of a legitimate app. Paid legitimate applications are leading targets of pirated versions. In this case, ...

McAfee Labs

Turkish Instagram Password Stealers Found on Google Play

McAfee’s mobile malware research team has found several Instagram password stealers on the Google Play store. (Google has since removed the apps.) These malware are distributed as utilities and tools for analyzing access and automating the following of Instagram accounts. The main targets of the malware are Turkish Instagram users. ...

McAfee Labs

Android Spyware Targets Security Job Seekers in Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is the new Wild West of mobile malware, especially for targeted attacks and intelligence gathering campaigns. During the past few years, McAfee Mobile Research has monitored and reported on several countries in the region and has found an alarming increase in campaigns using mobile malware for not ...

McAfee Labs

Amazon Gift Card Malware Spreading via SMS

McAfee Labs recently published its Hacking the Human OS report, which details a number of ways in which cybercriminals rely on victims’ trust in a particular brand or public authority to hand over information or allow their systems to become infected with malicious code. This week, the McAfee Labs team ...

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