More Choices for Encryption to Protect Your Data-At-Rest

By on Jul 08, 2014

This blog was written by Pat Correia.

A couple of months ago I participated in a Twitter Chat with IT World Canada which was fast, furious and a lot of fun. A few questions came up that I should address in a couple of blogs; (1) what should people look for when selecting an encryption solution, and (2) how do those encryption keys work and where are they stored?

So to partially answer the first question I posted some answers in a Guest blog on Encryption that I was invited to write for IT Business Canada, as a result of a Twitter Chat with their sister publication IT World Canada. In the gust blog I listed a few areas that have been a concern to our customers over a number of years which we have solutions for. As you can imagine we try to address our customer concerns and think ahead as well. One area that we addressed was cross-platform support for Windows and Mac. We originally developed an “Endpoint Encryption for Mac” (AKA EEMac) product so that our customers could provide the necessary data-at-rest protection for that platform. Late last year we developed a leaner, zero-day support product called Management of Native Encryption (MNE) v1.0. MNE provides our customers with a very nice way of protecting data on Macs using the OS X built-in encryption capability called FileVault. Endpoint management is done from ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) , so customers can leverage their policy and workflows without having to learn a new system. MNE v1.0 has been very successful, so much so, some customers requested that we extend that capability to Windows BitLocker. Well we are on are way to doing that as well. An upcoming version of MNE, v2.0 , will update the capability to include managing Windows BitLocker from ePO.

I should point out that MNE is available in these three endpoint suites:

  • McAfee Complete Data Protection (CDB)
  • McAfee Complete Data Protection – Advanced (CDA)
  • McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection – Business (CEB)

My next blog will address the second question that came up in the Twitter Chat: how we handle encryption keys and more.

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