Developing the Ultimate Defense against Advanced Malware

By on Jul 25, 2013

It is clear cybercrime is getting more organized and cybercriminals are becoming so much more sophisticated.  Today, they not only have experience, but are using powerful, easy-to-access resources to wreak havoc within the data networks of organizations.  The unfortunate truth, as discovered by McAfee Labs in the McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2013, is that advanced malware shows no sign of changing its steady growth, which has risen steeply during the last two quarters.  In fact, rootkits, often categorized as stealth malware, are one of the nastiest classifications of malware uncovered by McAfee Labs.  These threats are designed to evade detection and reside on a system for prolonged periods.

The aim of stealth or advanced malware is usually to infiltrate hosts in networks and steal valuable data – which then compromises the entire organization from reputation to innovation.  What’s important to remember about these attacks is that they are engineered to evade traditional security tools, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and antivirus protection.  What can be done to fight back against these stealthy attacks that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities and are undetected by signature-based filters?  Well, it’s not one thing – but many.  Organizations need a sophisticated and comprehensive solution that offers targeted protection starting at the core.

If you recall, McAfee is already on top of this challenge.  At the RSA Conference I shared the McAfee comprehensive malware protection (CMP) strategy and how our latest product enhancements are contributing to a more connected, holistic anti-malware security effort – an approach that no other competitor can claim.  This is no traditional security tool.  While McAfee has a slew of anti-malware technology in its arsenal, CMP is the security ecosystem that connects all of our products and our advanced malware protection – now with exciting technology we gained from the acquisition of ValidEdge to fortify our arsenal.

ValidEdge sandboxing technology identifies sophisticated, hard-to-detect threats by running suspected malware in a “sandbox,” analyzing its behavior and assessing the potential impact the malware may have on an endpoint.  As I write this, my engineering team is finalizing product development on an advanced malware detection solution unlike anything the market has seen before.  One unique differentiator about this sandboxing solution is that our new technology is being integrated with McAfee’s other anti-malware, network and endpoint products.  This comprehensive solution will offer not only analysis and conviction, but will also enable greater protection and more rapid resolution.

Advanced malware is really no match for the threat detection we’ve constructed using our unique sandboxing technology. Most stand-alone sandboxing and malware analysis products only address one part of the advanced malware problem, but our solution supports all three key requirements – identifying the advanced threat, halting its activity, and then repairing the damage.

If you want industry-leading technology that will keep your network safe from the debilitating effects of advanced malware, there is really no other way to say this:  Be patient. The best is yet to come.

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