Energy Company Fights Back with MVISION EDR as Covid-19 Increases Threat Campaigns

By on Dec 08, 2020

Over the past 9 months, the world has grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have all felt vulnerable. With borders closed and curfews and lockdowns instituted, things that we can count on, like reliable energy and technology, have become more essential than ever… Especially now that most of us have to conduct work from home, we are grateful for reliable energy as it powers our lights, air, heating, and internet. It is imperative during these critical times that homes—and businesses—run  smoothly, without any interruptions from cyberthreats.

Like many businesses during this vulnerable time, a leading North American oil and gas company was already bombarded daily by cyberthreats before Covid-19, but the onset of the pandemic and the transition to thousands of employees working from home only made it a bigger target. Since the start of the pandemic-induced shift to remote work, the company has experienced a much higher volume of campaigns by sophisticated threat actors.

To guard against these bad actors and reduce vulnerability, the company’s security team purchased McAfee’s MVISION EDR after a proof-of-concept bakeoff against two competing products. The McAfee solution’s integration capabilities, attractive pricing, and lack of dependency upon a complex and costly infrastructure placed it far ahead of its endpoint threat detection and response (EDR) competitors. The need to accelerate threat response increased the company’s sense of urgency to implement MVISION EDR.

With help from McAfee technical support experts, the company’s security team completed its roll out of MVISION EDR across 16,000 endpoints within just two weeks. Now that MVISION EDR is deployed, the IT security manager and his team have much greater visibility into threats across all endpoints, including those belonging to employees working from home. This increase in visibility and understanding has helped them quickly identify patient zero and follow the trajectory of an attack to understand its potential impact. With MVISION EDR, they are able to determine every lateral movement that took place and analyze endpoints to determine if they were affected.

With McAfee MVISION EDR, the company’s security team can easily prioritize alerts, quickly grasping which ones need immediate attention and which can wait. In the future they hope to leverage the solution’s artificial intelligence-guided investigations and automate tasks to keep improving threat analysis and threat hunting, all of which will shrink the time-to-response gap even more.

Another benefit for the security team is the ability to use MVISION EDR for inventory tracking; they also can easily check registry settings to monitor system licensing and ensure proper configurations. When they roll out new tools in the environment, for example, they use MVISION EDR to make sure that the systems are working properly and communicating the way they should.

As you find yourself spending all your time at home, remember the critical role your energy company and technology play to provide you comfort in a not so comfortable time.  Cybersecurity is complex but to find out how we simplify handling potential threats to our customers, please read the case study. And get your questions answered by tweeting @McAfee_Business.


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