Thinking Outside of the Sandbox: McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Unveiled

By on Oct 02, 2013

It’s always a great day when you can share something so innovative that it will surely change the game in the industry. Today, at the McAfee FOCUS 2013 conference, McAfee and my team announced the development and launch of McAfee Advanced Threat Defense – the newest addition to our Security Connected portfolio. If you read my post entitled, “Developing the Ultimate Defense against Advanced Malware,” I gave you a preview of what to expect in the hopes of piquing interest and raising awareness without giving away the big reveal.

At McAfee, we monitor the threat landscape and work to develop security solutions that can help organizations stay ahead of predicted threats. McAfee Labs believes that advanced malware shows no sign of changing its steady growth trajectory, which has risen steeply during the last two quarters. These threats are extremely stealthy and designed to evade detection and reside on a system for prolonged periods. As a security professional, you know that organizations can no longer rely on traditional security solutions to protect their digital assets against this strain of malware.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense was built on the exciting technology we acquired from ValidEdge and combines sandboxing with the leading McAfee anti-malware engine, anti-virus technology, and global reputation feeds to create the market’s most complete approach to advanced malware detection. This new technology identifies sophisticated, hard-to-detect threats by running suspected malware in a “sandbox,” analyzing its behavior and assessing the potential impact the malware may have on an endpoint and a network.

Better Detection Accuracy

  • Advanced static code and dynamic analysis together provide the most detailed analysis and data on malware classification
  • Malware can be packed or obfuscated to evade detection. Strong unpacking enables thorough analysis and accurate classification
  • Broad operating system support enables threats to be analyzed under the same conditions as the actual host profile, reducing the chances of missed malware or false positives.

Faster Response Time

  • Integrated solutions from McAfee quickly and seamlessly move from malware analysis and conviction to protection and resolution; a more comprehensive, efficient approach
  • Down selection (mix of signatures, reputation and real-time emulation) quickly identifies a broad range of malware, producing fast detection results and reducing the number of files requiring resource-intensive sandbox analysis

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Centralized deployment enables multiple McAfee network devices to share the same malware analysis appliance, reducing the number of required appliances, simplifying administration and cost-effectively scaling across the network

Unlike most standalone sandboxing technology, McAfee Advanced Threat Defense finds advanced malware and works with other McAfee solutions to freeze the threat and fix impacted systems. Find. Freeze. Fix. Talk about innovation.

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