An Integrated Security Era Dawns at Cook County

By on Sep 01, 2016

As the CISO for Cook County, Ricardo Lafosse has his hands full. In addition to the city of Chicago, Cook County also includes 127 other municipalities and ranks as the second most populous county in the U.S. Keeping such a large county government secure and protected from malware has unique challenges, as Lafosse will attest.


“Building security awareness into the culture is one of our biggest priorities,” he notes. “You can have the most advanced endpoint security tools available, but at the end of the day your endpoints can still create exposure if your users aren’t vigilant. So we place a lot of emphasis on optimizing our toolsets for security awareness and governance.”


When Lafosse joined the county two years ago, he inherited a legacy security infrastructure that was decentralized and fragmented, consisting of solutions from multiple vendors that were managed by different business units. Lafosse was charged with creating an information security office and building a new program from the ground up, including governance, tools, process, technologies, and people.


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Cook County has consolidated its new security infrastructure around the complete suite of McAfee endpoint solutions including McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection- Enterprise and McAfee Complete Data Protection. In addition, the county has begun to deploy McAfee solutions on the network side, including McAfee IPS, Web Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Advanced Threat Detection. Tying it all together is McAfee ePO, which gives Lafosse’s team a single console for viewing and managing the entire McAfee ecosystem.

“McAfee’s Integrated Security approach has given us the unique ability to manage all of our tools and security controls under one umbrella. When something’s happening at an endpoint, the network tools are aware,” Lafosse comments. “With centralized visibility into all of our endpoints, we can collect the data we need to make risk- and intelligence-based decisions.”


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