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By on Apr 06, 2017

As promised last week in my blog, Let the Great McAfee ENS 10.5 Migration Begin, I want to address a change that began six months ago and is now official– we’re now back to the future, to McAfee. I’ve talked to many partners, and your comments have been in line with how our internal teams feel – the new McAfee brand is very exciting and timely. If you’re a long-time partner, you’ve probably spent the past year stopping yourself midway through “McAfee” to say “Intel Security.” However, our two-step process of saying the correct name comes to an end. We’re once again McAfee, the brand and identity that’s been the foundation since the company’s inception 30 years ago.

Yes, it’s true. McAfee is experiencing a rebirth almost exactly three decades since its founding as a forward-looking antivirus software company in the young PC market of the heady 1980s. We’ve been telegraphing this change back to our roots since September 2016, when Intel and private-equity firm TPG announced they were spinning out McAfee as a stand-alone company.

McAfee remains one of the most recognized and powerful brands in the security and general IT markets. People around the world trust McAfee to deliver innovative solutions, and  collaboratively explore and solve real-world problems, producing better security results for its partners and customers.

As we move forward as a new, standalone company, what do we have to look forward? Quite a lot.

Our return to the McAfee brand is great news for you, our partners. Our mutual customers know and trust the McAfee brand. That familiarity will continue to keep long-time customers loyal and open doors in new accounts. You can read more about what the McAfee brand means to you and your customers at

There’s a reason our motto is “Together is Power”; it’s because together we collaborate, elevate, and make a difference. Together, we make the world a better, safer place. Despite the different names under which we’ve operated, our commitment to making security the best it can be – together – never changed.

We are McAfee. You are part of McAfee. And Together is Power that we bring to market.

Look out for my blog next week about ransomware, as together we have to fight for our customers against this phenomenon.

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