McAfee Innovation Alliance Partners Continue to Expand Our Open Ecosystem

By on Nov 01, 2016

McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partners Continue to Expand Our Open, Integrated Security Ecosystem
Only a year ago, at our FOCUS 15 event, we announced our new strategy centered on an integrated, open security system—powered by a connected architecture across McAfee and third-party products. Since then, our McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partners have been collaborating closely with us on technology integrations that provide our customers with increased visibility across their entire infrastructure, improved efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

The McAfee Data Exchange Layer, provides an open security architecture which enables enterprises to integrate their solutions, gaining visibility across the entire infrastructure.   By expanding the reach of the McAfee Data Exchange Layer to an open, extensible platform, we believe this helps organizations create a truly integrated security ecosystem.   Almost every McAfee product communicating over the McAfee Data Exchange Layer to McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange is sharing threat data to and from applications as well as using DXL to send service calls for orchestration.  Over the past year, we have doubled the number of vendors who are now running on or working with publishing over DXL, not just McAfee TIE.

Security solutions integrated through the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance are likely to analyze data more efficiently, yielding more available and actionable intelligence that an organization needs to respond to threats quickly and accurately. As a result, information security resources can focus more rapidly on high-priority issues and free capacity from reactive, tactical responses to a more strategic, proactive approach.

As we continue to undergo substantial growth in our open ecosystem,  we work together with our partners to continually expand the scope of security for our customers on all endpoints—including mobile, BYOD, and IOT smart devices—networks, data centers, and hybrid cloud security.


We continue to grow
Since January 2016, we welcomed more than 30 software technology partners to the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Program and we can count among our more than 125 partners,  market leaders such as Aruba (an HPE Company), Brocade, Check Point, Forcepoint, MobileIron, ServiceNow, VMware AirWatch, and most recently, Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solution provider.

Other vendors that have recently joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance program include:


Absolute Software



Bay Dynamics


D3 Security





Outpost 24

Phantom Corporation

Picus Security




Tukan IT


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