Why Migrate to McAfee ENS?

By on Apr 27, 2017

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already made plans to migrate to McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) soon, you should. But don’t just take our word for it.

See what other McAfee customers say below about why they migrated their endpoint protection to McAfee ENS and what types of benefits they are experiencing. Their main reasons for migrating vary but generally fall into four categories: better performance and user experience, easier management and administrative time savings, improved threat protection, and better positioning for the future.

Better Performance and User Experience

“When we started deploying [McAfee] ENS to our customers, the calls on our scan day stopped…The customer experience, which is really our end game, has just been dramatically improved. We can take problematic users or users that have impacts from the old legacy scans and each one of them comes out [of the migration to ENS] with a positive comment and a positive experience.”

– Chris T., Security Engineer, Large Insurance Company

“[McAfee ENS] has improved the computing experience of our end users. [It] takes less resources to run and is less interfering with normal business operations …we are very happy with it.”

–  Harry Folloder, Chief Information Officer, Advantage Waypoint

“[Why did we migrate?] Primarily performance. [McAfee] Endpoint 10 has been heavily marketed as being a lot faster… Our testing definitely validated that is was a lot faster.”

–  Dwayne Cyr, Senior Cyber Security Manager, Textron

 “My phone used to ring off the hook on Tuesdays [full scan day] and now it doesn’t.

–  Mehdi Harandi, Desktop Security Manager, Fairfax County Public Schools


Easier Management and Administrative Time Savings      

“There were quite a few instances in our environment of ransomware that no longer exist. I’d say that’s easily 40 hours [saved] every two weeks.”

–  Edwin Drayden, Director of IT Infrastructure, HollyFrontier

“What I love about McAfee is the protect-detect-correct strategy… [That strategy] works out smoothly in the latest version [10.5] of McAfee Endpoint Security. …Within three clicks, you can find the [infected] system, investigate the system, and respond. [McAfee ENS] saves a lot of administrative time.”

–  Niels Benders, Infrastructure Architect, CGI

“What I like best about McAfee ENS so far is that it is both stronger and lighter. By that I mean it has superior detection and prevention technology that protects us better against present and future threats, but it is also easier to manage. Both aspects are equally important.”

–  Philippe Maquoi, Head of Endpoint and Server Security, Service Public de Wallonie

“We were just blown away by the intricate detail of the user experience, from the end user computing side but also from the admin side. [McAfee ENS is] making it easier for us to manage the endpoint and take corrective action.

–  Harry Folloder, Chief Information Officer, Advantage Waypoint

“[McAfee] ENS represented a consolidated footprint, made our management much easier to control… The overall performance by consolidating the tools has been rather dramatic.

–  Chris T., Security Engineer, Large Insurance Company

“…But with McAfee Endpoint Security, I was able to find exactly which module was causing the issue, temporarily disable just that module, and find the conflict within less than one hour. In the past, finding such a conflict could easily have taken eight to 20 hours. … With McAfee Endpoint Security, I set it up once and then can forget about it 99 percent of the time…Management doesn’t have to hear about endpoint security at all.”

–  Mehdi Harandi, Desktop Security Manager, Fairfax County Public Schools

“The modular software blade design…As an administrator, that’s very useful.. [It] adds a lot of flexibility. The technology behind [McAfee ENS] is very solid.”

–  Scott M., Security Engineer, Large Healthcare Company


Improved Threat Protection

“McAfee ENS is smart enough to stop threats without us having to manually create a bunch of rules, as we had to do in the past. Also, instead of having to push out and update multiple agents for various aspects of protection—a HIPS agent, a web content control agent, and so on—booting and rebooting each time, with ENS we have a stronger tool set, encompassed in one product, with just one agent to deal with.”

–  Philippe Maquoi, Head of Endpoint and Server Security, Service Public de Wallonie

“We looked at all the features and benefits [of McAfee ENS]. My staff feels more comfortable with the security that it provides their teams and those we are charged with protecting.”

–  Harry Folloder, Chief Information Officer, Advantage Waypoint

“[We migrated] to get a quality product and watch it attach upstream to everything else… [Once deployed] I felt better; I could sleep at night, because I knew that [McAfee] ENS works… It’s been pretty quiet ever since, [across] literally every single endpoint in the whole infrastructure.”

–  Edwin Drayden, Director of IT Infrastructure, HollyFrontier

“We haven’t had a CryptoLocker outbreak in six months. With McAfee Endpoint Security, we have more visibility, more coverage, and more customer confidence than we have had in 12 years.

—Simon Sigré, Senior Network Engineer, Catholic Education South Australia


Better Positioning for the Future

“McAfee Endpoint Security is, to use an overused but apt term, ‘state of the art.’ It represents the next evolution of endpoint protection. It’s more stable, more efficient, and more accurate. It is definitely worth migrating to.”

–  Chris T., Security Engineer, Large Insurance Company

“With McAfee Endpoint Security, we now have endpoint protection that positions us well for the future.”

–  Mehdi Harandi, Desktop Security Manager, Fairfax County Public Schools

“[McAfee] ENS 10.5 looks like it is going to be amazing. It reflects a long-term vision of how to address endpoint protection.”

–  Scott M., Large Healthcare Company


Watch below to see and hear firsthand from McAfee customers why they migrated to McAfee ENS.

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