Safe Soaring: McAfee Advances Customer Success with Integrated Analytics, Ecosystems, and Experiences at MPOWER

By on Oct 18, 2017

This blog was written by Barbara Kay.

Security embodies the analogy of fixing a plane in flight. Every company has some variety of security people, process, and technology in place already. So, like a plane in flight, your security infrastructure needs an operational model that can be updated, adapted, repaired, or serviced while it is actively at work protecting your business infrastructure.

A successful model must accommodate several inconvenient truths. Security systems are not set-and-forget, nor does any product or service exist in a vacuum. There’s no single vendor. The people-process-technology trifecta takes a sound, extensible architecture and continual nourishment to support healthy and secure enterprise operations.

These truths are fundamental to the McAfee threat defense lifecycle model and human-machine teaming vision, which received new support this week in Las Vegas at the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit. Here’s an overarching view and examples of the 360 degree approach McAfee is taking for customer success. We are innovating in products, in industry collaboration, in cloud enablement, and in the customer relationship model.

Innovating in Analytics

Multiple new and updated products increase the precision, efficiency, and efficacy of defenses and security operations through new analytics based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and really smart people in our Foundstone consulting practice and McAfee Labs.

  • New McAfee Investigator solution applies advanced analytics to increase SOC productivity
  • Deep Learning integrated into McAfee Endpoint Security, leveraging knowledge gleaned from both pre- and post-execution review
  • New McAfee innovations feature ransomware decryption and a new “stegware” or steganography detection initiative

Breaking Glass (and Silos)

ESG research shows that enterprises want to embrace automation as a means of getting more done with existing resources, but automation is contingent on integration of data and processes between products. That’s been difficult because of the many moving parts: accessible APIs, vendor politics, and available integration skills and time.

We’ve taken the need for easier integration to heart, building on the success of the Data Exchange Layer and the OpenDXL initiative, announced one year ago. This week, McAfee unveiled a ground-breaking , bridging two communications fabrics and ecosystems for end-to-end visibility and risk mitigation. By linking the Data Exchange Layer with Cisco pxGrid, we have extended the reach of high-fidelity data and the range of automated actions companies can implement, and increased the possibilities when companies take advantage of the OpenDXL open source initiative and its community.

Industry leadership like this is one reason the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance ecosystem continues to flourish, and MPOWER celebrated a nearly 15% surge in new independent software vendors joining the community.

Protecting Hybrid Cloud

One challenge of enhancing our “plane in flight” is the heterogeneous nature of the infrastructure itself. Few, if any, organizations operate security and business systems purely on-premises or purely in the cloud. Hybrid infrastructures require adaptation of implementation, access control, visibility, policies, and reporting to span and accommodate this diversity.

McAfee has expanded our portfolio of hybrid products and services with new options for using and leveraging the cloud alongside other security and corporate infrastructure.

Re-imagining CX

Finally, let’s think about the experience of managing and maintaining the plane in flight. The pilot (CISO) needs to get the job done while he keeps the passengers (end-users) happy and safe and minimizes wear and tear on his co-pilot, flight crew, and ground personnel (CIO, architect, SOC analysts, and administrators). A unified plan for the flight experience will permeate calm and reliability through the flight, using best practices to implement features and updates, as well as anticipate challenges and inevitable changes.

This is the design center for a new team at McAfee. At MPOWER, McAfee announced the new Customer Success Group, which unifies services, support, education, and consulting. Their first deliverable is the new Premier Success Plan.

This plan understands that buying the right tools is just a starting point. Post-sales decisions around design, deployment, maintenance, risk management, escalations, education, and strategy will have a dramatic impact on an organization’s security posture, time to value, and value over time. With so many options to choose from, it’s not always easy to know which consulting, service, and support you need to be successful. Without tracking, your team may not capture full value from the ones you order.

Our new Premier Success Plan takes away the guesswork and fills in the gaps. A comprehensive roadmap combines professional and solutions services, training, and technical support with personalized management.

Benefits All Year Long

Each year, this fall conference ushers in a wave of products, programs, and ideas, just in time for planning for the next year. You don’t need to attend to capture all of the product and programs value, but the community, camaraderie, and creativity you experience can be a welcome rejuvenation from the ongoing stress of flying the security plane.

This year, it was especially important #VegasStrong.

We hope to see you next year. Soar safely.

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