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By on Mar 11, 2014

Hey guys! I’m Bradi, and this is The Scan – recapping of some of this week’s top security stories.

IoT, Phone Home

As appliances get smarter, we now have a whole new set of targets for hackers to attack. Dubbed the “Internet of Things,” this online network where appliances communicate with each other is a brand new way for hackers to get into your home. With systems like thermostats and security systems that track users’ activity patterns, one of the risks is thieves finding out when you’re not at home. That’s it. I’m going off the grid. Who’s with me?

Hip Hip Hooray for RSA

The annual RSA conference in San Francisco was the largest yet, showing the growing interest in the cyber security industry. Even Captain Kirk himself showed up to kick things off. (Shatner, not that other kid.) Cyber security is currently a 60-billion dollar industry, but it’s expected to grow tenfold in the next decade. 60 billion, huh? Sounds to me like someone’s getting a raise. Which is good because apparently I need antivirus software for my fridge now? Stupid hackers.

GCHQ Can See Your “Yahoo”

Last week, we found out that Britain’s surveillance agency, GCHQ, has been intercepting and storing webcam images from millions of Yahoo webchat users. Not surprising, a lot of the captured images were sexually explicit in nature. Leaked internal memos at the GCHQ show that it’s been difficult to keep these images away from leering employees. I knew that whole stuffy polite thing was an act.

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Bradi has spent the last 7 years in the security industry managing SMB marketing on a global scale. Her drive is to help others understand the importance of security whether consumer, IT professional or business owner. She spends her ‘hands free time’ with her family and dogs and enjoys road trips and doing anything outdoors.

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