Are Your Kids Using Vault Apps to Hide Photos, Chats, or Videos?

A number of apps for both the Android and iPhone exist that are great for storing your personal “gems,” those pieces of digital data you want to keep under lock and key on your smart phone. The apps store data such as logins and passwords, private photos, and keep them safe from hands of hackers, or even thieves who may steal your phone.

We give these apps big props for increasing mobile safety. However, their power can be flipped on parents when a teen uses them to store sexual photos, private chats, inappropriate videos, or any array of inappropriate content.

Know the apps when you see them on your child’s phone, then address the issue of harmful content (we understand this conversation and the topic of privacy will vary in every home). Unfortunately, built into a few of the apps (such as Vault), the app can be used in “stealth mode” and disappear from a phone completely and only opened by entering the password from within the phone dialer.

phone vault

Here are just a few apps to look for:

  • Personal
  • Keep Safe (Gold)
  • PS
  • Vault
  • Keeper
  • PrivatePhoto Vault
  • PhotoLocker
  • Vaulty

When it comes to technology and kids finding a way around their parents, kids will likely win. However, it doesn’t hurt to know what to look for so that important conversations can happen, and rules and expectations put in place, before your child’s safety (or reputation) is compromised.

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