Parents in the Know: Staying on Top of the Slang, Pt. II

The task of parenting a digital native isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only are kids texting and posting in a mysterious, abbreviated code, they are also peppering such code into everyday conversation so that to anyone outside of the “circle” can sound pretty garbled. Demystifying the slang can be a full time job, it seems. However, it’s well worth the time if it means keeping your kids safe online. Here is part II of our ‘Staying on Top of the Slang,’ series. We will continue to keep you updated and in the know.



Requestion: A word that is a combination of the words ‘request’ and ‘question.’

Awsomity: A word that reflects highest state of awesomeness.

Busted: A word describing someone who is unattractive.

Yolla: A greeting that is a combination of the words ‘yo’ and ‘holla.’

Whatevs: Another word for ‘whatever.’

Gangsta: Someone is who is both tough and cool at the same time.

Flamed: To have taken everything too seriously.

Planking: Laying your body on top of an object and balancing there while stretched out and stiffened.

Tope: A word that is a combination of ‘tight’ and ‘dope’ that describes something really great.

Frenemy:  A combination of the words ‘friend’ and ‘enemy.’ Refers to a person who appears to be a friend but is really not.

Pwned: Word used in place of ‘owned’ or being proved wrong.

Photobomb: When a person or object gets into a photo accidentally and it turns out to be funny.

Innit: A word that is short for ‘isn’t it?’

Mouldie: A word that is slang for ‘parents.’

Ight: A word that is short for ‘alright.’

Sup: A word that is short for ‘what’s up.’

Emo: A teenager who is intentionally angst-ridden and usually dresses in black or has a gothic or ‘goth’ look to them.

Ride: A word used in place of ‘shoes.’

Epic: Another word for ‘awesome.’

Benjamins: Another word for ‘money.’

Besties: Another word for ‘best friends.’

Bless: Another word for ‘good-bye.’

Brah: Another word for brother or very good male friend.

143: Abbreviation for ‘I love you.’

WTGP: Acronym for ‘want to go private?’

INBD: Acronym for ‘it’s no big deal.’

VBS: Acronym for ‘very big smile.’

Bud, la la, Mary, hood scratch, or 420 4life: All these words are code terms for Marijuana.

53x: Text code for ‘sex.’

Sugarpic: Text code for ‘suggestive picture of self.’

LMAO: Acronym for ‘laughing my a— off.’

Cu46: Acronym that means ‘see you for sex.’

Gnoc: Acronym that means ‘get naked on camera.’

If you’ve discovered a text or note you can’t figure out, go to Teen Chat Decoder and type the acronym into the search box. If it’s not there, try typing your word into Google; there will likely be a decoding site or blog that defines the term for you.


Toni Birdsong is a Family Safety Evangelist to McAfee. You can find her on Twitter @McAfee_Family.
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