Are Embedded OEM Device Manufacturers Responsible for Device Security?

The blog was written by Tom Moore.

Threats against the Industries

Today’s devices are becoming more internet-connected as we speak. As our world becomes further intertwined with technology, new doors open directly into our lives for potential threats. Hackers are quickly advancing with their attacks, making it detrimental for end users if security is not provided. Consumers within the retail, medical, industrial controls and now even the automotive industries are concerned with using devices in their environment due to the potential risk of a cyber attack. Thus, it is critical for device manufacturers and embedded OEMs to provide security within their devices.

The estimated cost of an average cyber attack is $15 million. Approximately 12 million records were breached in just the first half of 2016 in the retail industry. From 2013 to 2016, the number of breaches in the medical Industry have nearly doubled. Within the industrial control industry, more than half of the critical infrastructure organizations have suffered from breaches in the last year. Additionally, in the automotive industry, automobiles are not immune to cyber attacks as well.

The benefits of partnering with McAfee

The McAfee Embedded OEM team is partnering with industry leading device manufacturers and embedded OEMs such as Siemens Healthineers, Schneider Electric, NCR, and Toshiba to embed security solutions within their devices and ensure the safety and privacy of customers.

Our security products feature anti-malware protection, comprehensive threat awareness and analysis, strong data encryption, and is topped off with streamlined security management, making it effective against threats yet simple enough to manage. With embedded security solutions, customers will be compliant and can avoid incidents that can result in high maintenance and service costs.

Our team is committed to be our embedded OEM partner’s #1 security vendor. We know that no one person, product, or organization can fight cybercrime alone. We simply believe that there’s power in working together. People working together. Products and solutions working together. Organizations and industries working together.

Let’s work together because Together is Power.
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