McAfee Reveals the Most Dangerous Celebrities Across the Globe

Earlier this week, we revealed McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrity of 2019 in the U.S., Alexis Bledel. Growing from a young actress in “Gilmore Girls” to Ofglen in “A Handmaid’s Tale,” Bledel’s rising stardom helps to explain why she topped this year’s list. But, is that the case in other parts of the world as well? It’s time to take a trip around the globe and see which celebrities are considered risky in different regions.

In McAfee’s 13th annual study on the riskiest celebrities to search for online, the stars topping each list varied from country to country. While Bledel sits at the top of the most dangerous celebrity list in the U.S., singer Camila Cabello is ranked No. 1 in Spain. In Germany, model and TV personality Heidi Klum and actress Emilia Clarke tied each other for the country’s riskiest celebrity. Caroline Flack, the host of reality dating show “Love Island,” came in No. 1 in the U.K. In France, actor/producer Jamel Debbouze topped the list of the countries most dangerous celebrities. At the top of India’s most dangerous celebrity tally is international cricketer M.S. Dhoni. And, finally, rounding out the list of the riskiest celebrities around the world are comedian, actor, and TV host John Oliver in Australia and Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh in Singapore.

Many users don’t realize that simple internet searches of their favorite celebrities could potentially lead to malicious content, as cybercriminals often leverage these popular searches to entice users to click on dangerous links. And while this year’s list of riskiest celebrities might vary from country to country, cybercriminals’ use of trending celebrities and pop culture icons continues to be an avenue used to exploit users’ security. It’s for these reasons that users must understand the importance of taking precautions when it comes to searching for the latest news on their favorite celebrities.

So, whether you’re checking out what Alexis Bledel has been up to since “Gilmore Girls” or looking for the latest drama on “Love Island” with Caroline Flack, be a proactive fan and follow these security tips when browsing the internet:

  • Be careful what you click. Users looking for information on their favorite celebrities should be cautious and only click on links to reliable sources for downloads. The safest thing to do is to wait for official releases instead of visiting third-party websites that could contain malware.
  • Refrain from using illegal streaming sites. When it comes to dangerous online behavior, using illegal streaming sites could wreak havoc on your device. Many illegal streaming sites are riddled with malware or adware disguised as pirated video files. Do yourself a favor and stream the show from a reputable source.
  • Protect your online safety with a cybersecurity solution. Safeguard yourself from cybercriminals with a comprehensive security solution like McAfee Total Protection. This can help protect you from malware, phishing attacks, and other threats.
  • Use a website reputation tool. Use a website reputation tool such as McAfee WebAdvisor, which alerts users when they are about to visit a malicious site.
  • Use parental control software. Kids are fans of celebrities too, so ensure that limits are set for your child on their devices and use parental control software to help minimize exposure to potentially malicious or inappropriate websites.

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