The Power of Partnering: McAfee and Cisco Interoperability Delivers Strong Email Security


  • In cooperation through the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance and Cisco Solution Partner Program, McAfee® Advanced Threat Detection and Cisco Email Security Appliance now interoperate, providing an automated, closed-loop email security solution
  • Solution Interoperability will be demonstrated at the Security Village at Cisco Live 2017 (Booth 55) in Las Vegas, June 25 – 29

As threats become more sophisticated and the resulting breaches more damaging, the modern enterprise requires more tightly-integrated, outcome-oriented security solutions. According to a survey commissioned by McAfee, 80% of security professionals with an integrated platform discover threats within 8 hours on average; in the “best of breed” camp only 54% could detect threats that quickly. Furthermore, the June 2017 McAfee Labs Threats Report  notes there are 244 new threats every minute or 4 every seconds. No security professional can keep up with this onslaught alone and no single company can provide a “silver bullet.

However, if we join forces against cybercriminals, we can create the right solutions and orchestrate safer environments with truly enhanced security. It’s not just a strategy, it’s the key to long term success in building a safer, more cyber secure future.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce interoperability of McAfee® Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) and Cisco Email Security (ESA) through the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. McAfee® ATD, an open integration point for email gateways, and Cisco ESA provide an automated, closed-loop security solution with in-depth analysis capabilities that detect even highly camouflaged, evasive threats disguised in email attachments.

Why email? Email is a critical component of a modern enterprise workflow, used to exchange critical data every day—financial data, customer information, employee details, and more. However, email continues to be a primary attack vector for organizations large and small.

The benefits of a tightly-interoperable, closed-loop approach are further amplified when McAfee and other partner ecosystem products are in in play. McAfee ATD convictions of emerging threats and indicators of compromise (IoCs) can instantly be shared among management, network, forensics and endpoint solutions. This automated collaboration both enhances and accelerates time to protection and correction to safeguard the environment.

This enhanced solution will be showcased in the Security Village at Cisco Live 2017 (Booth 55) in Las Vegas, June 25 – 29, where we will demonstrate how customers can leverage McAfee® ATD deployments to further protect their environments against attacks.

Together, McAfee and Cisco are combining our inherent strengths and collaborating for a safer future. Together is, indeed, Power.

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