Speed or Security? We Say Speed AND Security

“Security software slows down my PC.”

We often hear this sentiment when users talk about malware protection. While people recognize the value of computer security, most get frustrated if the software bogs down their device. I mean, I myself become frustrated when I’m trying to crunch numbers and I’m suddenly greeted with an hourglass!

While this may happen with some online safety products, McAfee’s security suites are as light as they get. We understand that while consumers need malware protection, it shouldn’t come at the price of device performance. So, we put our products to the test – AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives to be exact – to show users that they can stay secure without interrupting their digital lives with slow software.*

*AV-Test Results

*AV-Comparatives Results

Testing the Relationship Between Security and Speed

Modern tech users are multitaskers at heart. We need our devices to run all of our favorite programs efficiently, from email to photo editing apps to music streaming services. Security software is another program we need to run – one we’re worried will slow down the rest. So how can we be sure that our PC performance won’t be poorly impacted? Answer: measure it.

To measure how much impact malware protection has on PC performance, some independent test labs include performance impact benchmarks in their security product tests. The most well-known of these test labs are AV-TEST, which is based in Germany, and the Austria-based AV-Comparatives. These independent labs are among the most reputable and well-known anti-malware test labs in the world.

These organizations work by testing and evaluating a number of security products and the impact they have on PC performance. The AV-TEST lab evaluates the latest versions of various security products and measures the average impact of the product on computer speed. On the other hand, AV-Comparatives uses low-end computers and mimics users’ daily usage as much as possible, focusing on activities like copying files, installing and uninstalling applications, launching applications, downloading files, and browsing websites. Based on these tests’ results, products are graded in award levels ranging from ADVANCED+ (the highest ranking) to STANDARD (the lowest ranking).

So, how does McAfee stand up to the competition? Since May 2018, McAfee has consistently received the highest score in all performance tests. As a result McAfee® Total Protection was awarded the ‘2019 Performance Award’ by AV-TEST in March 2020. Additionally, McAfee has achieved the ADVANCED+ ranking continuously since October 2016. In other words, McAfee Total Protection is one of the fastest and lightest products on the market. With results like these, I have to toot our own horn!

How Do These Results Impact Our Day-To-Day Lives?

During the WFH era, users are more reliant on devices than ever before. They need to work quickly and safely, without worrying about online threats. Especially since today’s malware comes in many forms, adapting to new technological advancements and the behaviors of tech-savvy consumers who use them. In fact, hackers often pair their threats to whatever is present in consumers’ lives – so lately we’ve seen malware attacks emerge via COVID-related phishing emails or known device or app vulnerabilities.

What Else Helps with McAfee’s Performance Results?

McAfee Total Protection comes with PC Boost features, which benefit both productivity and entertainment by automatically giving more horsepower to apps you are actively working in and by pausing annoying auto-play videos in your browser. While these additions don’t specifically factor into the aforementioned test results, these automated tools help your computer run faster and more efficiently.

By leveraging a comprehensive solution like McAfee Total Protection, users can ultimately be more efficient with their time online, whether that’s crunching numbers, playing games, or running multiple apps at once. And let’s face it – when our devices make us feel empowered, our digital lives are better.

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