The Threat Landscape Has Evolved. But McAfee Has Too.



There is no question that the threat landscape has evolved. Gone are the times of network worms and viruses that were simply an inconvenience. In today’s digital world, threats have become diverse, complex and adaptive. We’ve seen an army of botnets take the entire east coast offline, and we’ve even witnessed a billion personal email addresses leaked from one of the biggest companies in the world. But, as threats have evolved, so have we. McAfee has been around for decades, which means we’ve witnessed threats change over time, and we applied those learnings to our own strategy. With our transition to the new McAfee, we’ll be a pure-play cybersecurity company, allowing us to focus all of our resources to fighting cybercrime, through increased innovation and consumer advocacy.

The richness of the McAfee product portfolio has always been strong, especially given our holistic industry view that addresses consumers, enterprises and governments. As threats become more sophisticated, they impact our lives in new ways, making it more important than ever for users to be able to trust their devices, and feel confident that the cybersecurity company they trust understands the landscape. With new McAfee, we’ll continue to provide innovative solutions to protect all aspects of consumers’ digital lives, especially as the growth of technology opens them up to new potential threats.

Take the Internet of Things (IoT), for instance. Threats to IoT devices have evolved dramatically and are now a valid concern for today’s connected consumers. In order to address this need, we asked ourselves what can we do to stop these devices from endangering the home? How can we act as a gatekeeper? And that’s how McAfee Secure Home Platform was born. Our platform provides a built-in layer of security that automatically protects internet-connected devices on a user’s home network. The easy-to-use mobile app and parental controls only underscore McAfee’s commitment to securing personal technology. It’s innovations like this that emerge because we’re putting consumers’ needs first, and our move to a standalone company will further support this approach.

A vital first step in protection is being aware of what’s happening in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Unfortunately, the public’s understanding of how to protect themselves is not where it needs to be. According to a recent survey by  Pew Research Center, only 48% of those surveyed can correctly define ransomware. By the end of Q3 2016, the number of new ransomware samples increased 80% since the beginning of the year, and it shows no evidence of slowing down. This is a major issue. For that reason, we’ll continue to focus on consumer education, so that regardless of what’s going on online – phishing attacks, new types of malware, IoT botnets—they can look to McAfee as a trusted advisor on all things cybersecurity. And our decades of industry expertise and customer-first mindset backs up our leadership position. By educating consumers on the latest threats, we can provide them with insight they need to better protect themselves.

With the rapid evolution of today’s threats, both organizations and consumers alike need to shift their approach to cybersecurity. And as a company steeped in security expertise and experience but with a forward-looking approach, we’re in the best possible position for success. Now, it’s not just the threats that are evolving, but the rest of us are too.

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