McAfee Dominates AV-Comparatives PC Performance Test

In our digital age, a computer is not just a tool; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities, entertainment, and creativity. The speed of everyday tasks from gaming, and streaming TV shows to editing images and videos can make us more productive but also make our computers more fun to use. When exploring our software choices, it’s vital to choose apps and services, such as online protection tools that have a minimal impact on your computer, allowing you to live your best life online, without the concerns of your PC slowing down. 

McAfee has once again proven its excellence by securing the #1 spot in the AV-Comparatives PC Performance Test. With an impressive overall impact score of only 2.8, McAfee Total Protection outperformed all other security vendors, showcasing its lightweight design and exceptional performance. Download the full report from AV-Comparatives here.

The AV-Comparatives Performance Test 

AV-Comparatives, an Austria-based test-lab renowned for its comprehensive evaluations, conducted an extensive Performance Test to measure the impact of consumer security software on system performance. In this test, 16 security products, including McAfee Total Protection, were rigorously evaluated on a low-end PC with an Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and SSD system drives. The tests were conducted on a clean Windows 10, 64-Bit system with the security software installed using default settings. 


With an overall impact score of 2.8, McAfee Total Protection emerged as the lightest product in the test, surpassing the industry average of 12.3. This outstanding performance has earned McAfee Total Protection the highest possible ranking: ADVANCED+ 3 Stars. This achievement reaffirms McAfee’s commitment to delivering top-notch security solutions that prioritize both protection and performance. McAfee has consistently received the highest ADVANCED+ ratings for performance in all AV-Comparatives Performance Tests since October 2016. This track record of excellence demonstrates McAfee’s dedication to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional products. 

How a Faster Computer Can Help You Achieve More 

To ensure the accuracy of the results, AV-Comparatives examined various activities such as file copying, application installation and launching, file downloading, and web browsing. All tests were conducted with an active internet connection, allowing for the evaluation of the real-world impact of cloud services and features. McAfee Total Protection excelled in all these areas, showcasing its ability to provide robust security without compromising system performance. Whether you’re a gamer, a movie buff, a budding photographer, or a video editor, the enhanced performance can significantly refine how you engage with your hobbies and passions. Learn how your computer can also be more fun! 

Gaming: A Seamless Escape into Virtual Worlds 

For gamers, the benefits of a faster computer are immediately noticeable. Modern games require substantial system resources, including fast processors and powerful graphics cards, to run smoothly. Online protection with a minimal impact on your computer’s performance, lets you enjoy games as the developers intended, with minimal lag and stunning visuals. 

Streaming: Enjoying Your Favorite Shows in High Definition 

Streaming TV shows and movies has become a staple of home entertainment. Platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus offer 4K streaming for many titles and an optimized computer can mean enjoying the best streaming content without buffering.  

Image Editing: Unleashing Creative Potential 

Photography enthusiasts and graphic designers know that image editing can be resource-intensive, especially with high-resolution images and complex effects. A more efficient computer speeds up the performance of software like Adobe Photoshop, allowing for quicker loading of images, smoother application of effects, and more responsive overall editing. This not only saves time but also makes the creative process more enjoyable.  

Video Editing: Crafting Stories with Precision 

Video editing is perhaps the most demanding task that regular consumers undertake on their computers. Editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro can leverage the additional power of a faster computer to render video faster, apply effects more smoothly, and improve the playback of high-resolution footage in real time. This means less time waiting and more time creating.  

Protection with World-Class Performance

Investing in robust, tried, and tested online security solutions offers peace of mind, without compromises to your system performance. If you find your current computer lagging in your digital aspirations, it might be time to consider stepping up to more capable online protection. Stay protected with McAfee and experience the perfect balance of security and efficiency. 



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