McAfee’s New Privacy & Identity Guard Launches at Staples Stores

Your privacy means everything. And your identity too. The launch of McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard will protect them both. 

We’re proud to announce the launch of McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard in partnership with Staples. Through this partnership, McAfee’s Privacy & Identity Guard will be available at select Staples locations across the U.S. and help customers protect their identity and privacy online. 

McAfee’s Privacy & Identity Guard will be sold in the travel section of Staples along with other travel benefits such as passport services, TSA PreCheck sign up, and fingerprinting services. McAfee’s Privacy & Identity Guard offers a natural fit for Staples customers who are on the go, particularly as they rely on their laptops and smartphones to get things done while traveling.  

And people certainly have concerns about their privacy and identity when they hit the road. McAfee’s recent Safer Summer Report revealed 1 in 3 people have been scammed when booking or taking trips, with a third (34%) of those losing $1,000 or more. This same study found 61% of all adults worry more about digital safety than physical safety when on vacation.  

“As Staples exclusive tech services security partner for the last seven years, we’re excited to partner with Staples on the initial launch of McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard in the U.S.,” said Gagan Singh, McAfee’s Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer. “This online protection product was designed to address consumers’ key concerns about safeguarding personal information online, something that becomes even more at risk when traveling.” 

Key McAfee Privacy & Identity Guard features include: 

Identity MonitoringMonitor personal information with timely alerts. 

  • Proactive and Guided – When a breach is detected McAfee can help guide consumers to take the most effective and simple steps when action is needed.  
  • Extensive Monitoring – Keep tabs on almost 60 unique pieces of your personal info such as your email address, phone number, Social Security number, credit cards, passport information, and bank accounts, to ensure they are secure. 
  • Dedicated Support – McAfee offers friendly 24/7 assistance from security experts available via phone or online. 

Identity Restoration – Exclusive to Staples customers, these features offer further peace of mind in the event of identity theft or loss. 

  • Restoration Experts – Identity restoration experts are available 24/7 to help customers take the necessary steps to help repair their identity and credit if they ever need it, including assistance to help prevent or assist with identity fraud of a deceased family member. 
  • Lost Wallet Assistance – If a consumer’s ID, credit, or debit cards are lost or stolen, McAfee will help cancel and replace them.  

Privacy Features – Find personal data tied to old, unused online accounts & requests removal of any personal information found on data broker sites.  

  • Online Account Cleanup – This feature runs monthly scans to find customers’ online accounts and shows a risk level to help customers decide which to keep or delete.  
  • Personal Data Cleanup – Removes personal info from sites that buy and sell it. Staples customers get full-service protection that scans more than 40 high-risk data broker sites and automatically requests removal of any personal information found. 

Is your email on the dark web? 

One sign that your privacy and identity is at risk if your email appears on the dark web. Hackers and scammers post email addresses and other personal and financial information on dark web sites—sometimes offered freely, sometimes offered to other hackers and scammers for sale. You can find out if your email is posted on the dark web by visiting

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