New Campaign Kits: Elevate Your Marketing by Elevating Your Conversations

IT decision makers have spoken – good information is hard to find. According to IDG’s 2016 Customer Engagement Research, a staggering 80% of IT decision makers find it challenging to locate valuable information when they’re making a purchase decision.

These potential customers are hungry for research-backed information that directly relates to their company’s top security challenges. Hence the need for marketers to adapt with some form of a content marketing campaign. But wait a minute, marketers also often have difficultly sourcing a steady stream of quality content to build out high-impact campaigns. What to do?

If you’re an McAfee channel partner, you’re in luck – use our new campaign kits.

Elevate your marketing by elevating the conversations your security practice takes to market. We’ve invested in research from the likes of Gartner, Forrester and IDG to determine the security buyer’s top challenges, along with providing you with thought leadership content that hits the mark for security buyers.

According to Lisa Matherly, head of content marketing at McAfee, “the research driving our new campaigns isn’t limited to just McAfee customers. We made the necessary investment to complete broad research that addresses the total security market.”

Set up your sales teams to engage and relate with prospects like never before by demonstrating expertise on the issues that they care about most. Security buyers need our help to make sense of security solution and threat landscapes. You’ll be providing them the information that they can trust and also use to begin building a business case to their executive teams

To download the campaign kits, identify customers who fit the target market and to plan your campaign, visit the Partner Portal Campaign Kit page.


This blog post was written by Regan Ogner.

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