Together We Are Forming a Powerful Alliance Against the Bad Guys

McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) is a technology ecosystem designed to assemble the world’s leading security innovations to form a security ecosystem in the industry

In some ways, cybersecurity remains a little like the Old West – a big, open area with some little pockets of law and order scatted here and there. After all, there are more than 1,300  different companies producing cybersecurity software products, and the proliferation of cyberthreats worldwide seems unlimited.

But considering the environment and stakes involved, it doesn’t make sense for customers to do it on their own.

Not only are companies trying to piece together cybersecurity tools from different vendors and get them to work together, but they have very little data on what the company next door is doing to meet new threats. In this model, everyone is on their own.

Therefore, McAfee developed the concept of “Together is Power.” This is more than a tag line. It means that the industry should take a stand so we can fight threats together. It means that cybersecurity products from different companies should integrate and work together, and it means that we should share the data we have about known threats.

This is the idea behind the Security Innovation Alliance (SIA), which McAfee created in 2007. The SIA is a technology ecosystem designed to assemble the world’s leading security innovations. With more than 125 vendors – including VMWare, ServiceNow, Toshiba, SanDisk, Aruba, Brocade, HP Enterprise, Check Point, Huawei, Tenable and Mobile Iron – the SIA program today is the premiere partnering ecosystem in the cybersecurity industry. In the past six months 24 companies have joined, including IBM, Micron Technology, and Atos.

Each company begins as an associate partner. After completing comprehensive integration testing for at least one use case, the partner is promoted to technology partner and its integrated product becomes McAfee-compatible. Selected technology partners that complement the McAfee product portfolio are invited to become sales teaming partners.

Many companies have attempted to emulate the success of the McAfee program, and we take this as a tribute to the success of our program and the prestige it has garnered within our industry.

SIA provides McAfee-tested partner integration with key products, including McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC and File and Folder (EEPC/EEFF), McAfee Vulnerability Manager, McAfee Network DLP, and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. This helps customers get more value from McAfee investments by lowering risk, delivering greater visibility, and enabling faster response to incidents. This in turn reduces time to problem resolution through better workflows, and also enhances visibility of events not collected by McAfee.

SIA provides opportunity for customers to enrich security operations and connect security solutions into an effective team, and includes point products as part of more complete solution. It reaches 35,000 organizations that use McAfee ePO.

ePO in turn provides visibility into the Data Exchange Layer (DXL), a communication fabric that connects and optimizes security actions across multiple vendor products, as well as internally-developed and open source solutions. Companies can gain secure, real-time access to new data and lightweight, instant interactions with other products. The recently-announced integration with Cisco pxGrid extends the reach end-to-end with better identity services and automated threat mitigation.

Don’t go it alone. Remember, “Together is Power.” So, join in. In addition to SIA, McAfee is a part of Cyberthreat Alliances and No More Ransomware initiative, and has now made DXL opens source though Open DXL.

For more information ion SIA, please go to the SIA Website.

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