Use an Airport App to Catch a Flight, Not a Bug

Traveling is supposed to be a break from reality, but that doesn’t mean it’s a breeze. First your Uber driver is going below the speed limit, then you can’t remember if you packed your computer charger, oh, and is your flight on time? There’s a lot to keep track of when catching a flight, but as the saying goes, “there’s an app for that!”

Tech startups aren’t the only businesses jumping on the mobile app bandwagon. Airports are also building apps to make things easier for both travelers and employees. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, one of the world’s busiest, has a suite of over 40 mobile applications. These apps update passengers on the status of their flight, help them find their gate (or a Starbucks), and even enable them to watch TV while flying high in the sky. The benefits of airport apps are obvious, but anytime you use a mobile app, your guard should be up.

Next time you use an airport app, follow these tips for catching your flight, and not a bug:

Pack Your Bags, and Your Apps, at Home

The availability of public Wi-Fi is usually a guarantee at airports, along with crying babies and tacky t-shirts, but be sure to download any travel apps while using your secure connection at home. This extra step is just another way to help protect your device from hackers. Connecting to an open public network is never recommended, but if you must, be sure to follow our tips for safe surfing.

So Many Apps, So Little Time

A quick search for “SFO” in an app store brings up too many apps to count. How will you ever choose? As airport apps are all the rage these days, there really is no right answer. There are apps that focus on security line times and travel guides, but use caution before downloading. Look over app ratings, description, and the company behind it. Downloading a shady app can open your phone to malware, so move with caution.

The Devil’s in the Details

A good rule of thumb for downloading any mobile app is to read the privacy policy first. If an app is asking for sensitive data, give it a close look and think twice before agreeing to the terms. A legitimate mobile app won’t request things like access to your network or contacts.

Cash Is So 2011

Who needs a computer anymore? Airport apps provide the option to purchase flights and even rent a car all through your smart phone. Always think twice before entering personal financial information on your mobile device, and never, ever do so while on free, public Wi-Fi. Remember that credit cards are usually more secure than debit, thanks to access limits and more sophisticated security measures. For an added layer of security on your mobile device, download McAfee® Mobile Security, available for both Android and iOS.

Summer will be here before we know it, and long-awaited trips will no longer be something to daydream about at work. Next time you find yourself running to catch a flight, be sure to use an airport app, and keep our safety tips in mind.


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