Android Devices Potentially Compromised by Judy App Weaknesses

We’ve seen cyberattacks truly embody their names as of late, given how the massive WannaCry ransomware attack left quite a few in tears. Now, we have Judy, a set of insecure gaming apps, which are aptly named after their “cutesy” main character. And though these 41 Android apps are characterized by the sweet avatar, the security complications they carry are anything but cute.

These Judy apps are poorly designed, which has created security gaps and makes them subject to abuse. Leveraging this lack of security, cybercriminals can manipulate the apps to auto-click on banners from Google ads, which generates revenue for the crooks behind the scheme.

So now the question is – how do mobile users stay safe? First off, it’s important for developers to create apps with security in mind. Regardless, Google has removed all of the Judy apps, which came from Korean developer Kiniwini, from the Google Play store. But remember that these apps are also available on iOS as well. So, all mobile users need to make sure they’re on the lookout. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from risky apps, such as the Judy apps, follow these tips:

-Do your homework. Before you even download an app, make sure you head to the reviews section of an app store first. Take the time to sift through the reviews, and keep an eye out for ones that mention that the app has had issues with security or might be a bit sketchy. When in doubt, don’t download any app that is remotely questionable.

-Keep apps up-to-date. The developer behind the Judy applications will soon likely include a security patch in the latest updates for their apps. Therefore, as a good practice, whenever updates are available for any of your applications, make sure to install them immediately.

-Use a mobile security solution. As risky apps continue to persist in both Google’s and Apple’s official app stores, make sure your mobile devices are prepared for any threat coming their way. To do just that, cover these devices with a mobile security solution, such as McAfee Mobile Security.

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