App Lock: The Security System for Unprotected Mobile Apps

Lock: To fasten, to make secure, to confine or exclude by. To fix in place so that movement or escape is impossible; hold fast.

The word ‘lock’ is relevant in every aspect of our modern lives. We lock our houses, cars, bikes, hotel rooms, computers, and even our luggage when we got to the airport. There are lockers at gyms, schools, amusement parks, and sometimes even at the workplace.

We lock our phones with passcodes and sometimes protect them from malware with a security solution, so why don’t we lock up the individual apps that house some of our most personal and sensitive data?

From photos to emails to credit card numbers, our mobile apps hold invaluable data that is often left unprotected, especially given that some of the most commonly used apps on the Android platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail don’t necessarily require a log-in each time they’re launched.

Without an added layer of security, those apps are leaving room for nosy family members, jealous significant others, prankster friends and worst of all thieves to hack into your social media or email accounts at the drop of a hat.

To fight this vulnerability, McAfee has integrated a new feature into the McAfee Mobile Security app that will allow Android users to protect their apps from misuse. App Lock which is now a part of McAfee’s app protection arsenal, safeguards against this privacy danger by locking them with the same PIN that’s tied to a McAfee Mobile Security account.

With App Lock, your friends will never be able to post embarrassing status updates on your Facebook profile and your jealous boyfriend or girlfriend won’t be able to snoop through your photos or emails, or  take photos. For parents, you can keep your kids locked out of the apps that would allow them to access movies and TV shows you don’t want them watching without having to watch their every move.

Most importantly though, App Lock protects Android users from thieves and strangers in the case of a stolen or lost device. When you leave the house, you don’t lock the door but keep the windows open, because it’s important to keep thieves locked out of the whole house, not just the front door. Leaving your apps unprotected is just like leaving the windows open for hackers and robbers to find a way inside your personal life.

Keeping our apps locked and protected from misuse is as important and as easy as rolling up the windows of your car while it’s parker outside. To lock up your apps, download McAfee Mobile Security on Google Play. There’s a free, seven day trial and can be purchased for $29.99. If you’re already using McAfee Mobile Security or McAfee All Access, you can enjoy App Lock by updating your software.

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