McAfee delivers Updates to its Comprehensive Android Optimization Solutioner

McAfee just released the latest update to its McAfee Battery Optimizer, a complete device optimization app that works with Android smartphones and tablets. We’ve taken users’ feedback seriously to redesign the app to make it more versatile for both new and existing users. McAfee Battery Optimizer 2.0 has evolved beyond battery life optimization. It now allows Android smartphone and tablet users to boost speed and performance by cleaning up memory and storage as well as recommending how to track mobile data usage.

As consumers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices for daily activities, such as location and GPS tracking, online video streaming, and mobile game playing, McAfee Battery Optimizer 2.0 can help accelerate device speed, control battery usage, reclaim storage, improve gaming performance, and avoid extra monthly charges due to data overages – in one simple, easy to use app.

It’s available in 29 languages for free on Google Play.

Benefits and features:

NEW! FREE UP MEMORY: Accelerate device speed

  • Clean up unnecessary background processes and temporary data
  • Notify user when memory usage reaches a predefined threshold
  • Help user boost app performance and gaming speed

EXTEND BATTERY: Save battery by stopping power consuming apps

  • Act on various battery saving recommendations customized based on remaining battery life and device usage
  • Easily identify battery draining apps and stop them
  • Extend call time on a low battery device
  • NEW! Use quick sensor toolbar to easily switch on/off sensors (ex. Bluetooth)

NEW! CLEAN UP STORAGE: Reclaim storage, boost speed, and improve performance of user’s device and SD card

  • Clean out app temporary files and obsolete apk files
  • Uninstall unwanted apps to reclaim storage
  • Remove any unnecessary large files (10MB+)

NEW! TRACK DATA USE: Monitor and manage user’s data use

  • Monitor user’s mobile data use to stop excessive data usage and avoid additional charges
  • Review user’s mobile data usage by application

NEW! QUICK BOOST & STICKY NOTIFICATION: Instantly optimize device performance

  • The active toolbar allows users to monitor their device status real time and takes actions to optimize their device
  • Free up memory, clean up storage and save battery with just one tap directly from the main screen.


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