Extend Mobile Call Time with Battery Optimizer

Nowadays, most people are constantly on the go–multi-tasking while moving from one place to the next. The majority of the time this results in sales pitches, meetings and important discussions being conducted over our smartphones. This means, the successful completion of your call is reliant on the battery life of your trusted mobile device.

Picture this: you’re on the bus to work and you’ve got to dial into an important call. You look at your phone and, to your dismay you neglected to charge it overnight. Your battery life is at 10%, and you’re now at risk of missing the call entirely or dropping off at an inopportune moment.

So, what do you do? You spend the whole conversation unfocused, fearing that your call will be cut off because you have no idea how many minutes of battery life you have left.

Now that doesn’t sound like an ideal situation, does it?

What if your Android phone would automatically notify you when the battery is running low during a call–prompting you with available conversation time left PLUS a way to extend it as much as possible? Thankfully, McAfee Battery Optimizer includes a feature that allows your mobile device to do just that!

The Call Helper Alert feature within the Battery Optimizer app instantly prompts you when the battery on your phone has less than 20 minutes of call time left. You can also adjust this option in the settings so it will alert you at 10, 20, 30 or 40 minutes, depending on user preference.

As shown below, the alert pops up during an incoming or outgoing call and offers the option to lengthen call time by 10 more minutes. Simply click the ‘extend’ button and Battery Optimizer will shut off other, non-core apps that are draining battery life in the background, reducing the likelihood that you’ll have to deal with the annoyance of cut-off conversations.


McAfee Batter Optimizer is a simple, smart, and accurate way to extend battery life of your mobile device. You can now download the McAfee Battery Optimizer Android app for free from Google Play.

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