McAfee Mobile Security 4.5 for Android is here!

McAfee just launched the latest version of our award-winning Android app–McAfee Mobile Security (MMS). MMS has evolved beyond providing AV protection to provide performance boosting and Android Wear features. We are proud to arm our users with these new powerful tools for optimized device performance to aid in users’ eternal struggle to gain longer battery life, more power, speed, and storage on their Android smartphones and tablets.

As the number and variety of devices in our lives increases, so does the number of threats and potential risks to our privacy. By using wearable devices we gain convenience and flexibility but open ourselves to a variety of threats, such as identity theft, insurance fraud, stalking, and many others. To address this emerging vulnerability, MMS has introduced Android Wear watch support, enabling users to stay safe and productive even when they are on the go. You can prevent loss, stay on top of mobile threats and boost your mobile device performance–all done straight from your smart watch.


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Features include:

  • McAfee Device Protection Technology. Built into the Android OS on McAfee devices, this works to proactively block malware delivered through malicious apps and websites, while also conserving battery power.
  • Privacy. Deep app inspection provides a thorough crosscheck of all of your apps and informs of potential privacy violations. PIN protect your apps and create up to three user profiles.
  • Wi-Fi Protection. Alerts of non-secured Wi-Fi connections and automatically disconnects the device if it detects someone is attempting to hack into your connection in order to send your emails, keystrokes and other information to a separate server, known as ARP spoofing.
  • Web Protection. Blocks users from visiting or opening phishing sites and browser exploits in texts (SMS) and multi-media messages, emails, QR codes and social networking posts.
  • CaptureCam. Takes a picture and captures your phone’s location when there are multiple incorrect attempts to unlock your device, while your phone is on. Images and location are sent directly to your account.
  • Remote Locate, Lock, Wipe and Alarm. In the event your device is lost or stolen, use the remote lock and wipe feature from the McAfee Mobile Security management portal, or via text message from another phone, to ensure that none of your private data falls into the wrong hands.
  • NEW! Get the Most out of your Device. Add more time to your battery life when you need it most. Clean up your device’s memory to make it run faster and longer. Optimize your internal storage space to fit more apps and files.
  • NEW! Protect your mobile data plan. Never go over your limit again– monitor your usage, get threshold alerts, and bust data-hogging apps.
  • NEW! Pair your Android Wear. Never miss a security issue or leave your smartphone or tablet behind. Take actions straight from your Android Wear watch to find and secure your mobile device, fix critical issues and extend battery on your phone or tablet.
  • NEW! Easy access. Quickly boost your device and fix issues with just one tap–straight from your Home Screen Widget.
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