McAfee Mobile Security: Now Available for iOS Devices

Apple fans rejoice! You too can take a bite out of cybercrime with our latest product release. We recently launched McAfee® Mobile Security for iOS devices, featuring a number of comprehensive protection options available previously only to Android users. Available for free, the software provides iPhones and iPads with a secure vault for private content, jailbreak detection, backup capabilities, and more.

The growing number of mobile devices globally has opened up a new market for cybercriminals with mobile threats increasing steadily.  While Apple does an exceptional job at securing iOS, clever cybercriminals are finding new ways to get into these devices as well. The reality is that being proactive about device safety is crucial for everyone.

Aside from physical threats, many privacy and identity loopholes in iOS devices are putting users at risk. The voracity with which consumers are downloading apps and the trust they have put into saving personal and sometimes critical information on such apps has also led to new threats. While Apple is known for the strict policies it imposes on app developers, there are certain less-than-desirable features that can slip through the cracks. For instance, apps with location tracking, data storage, and other potentially harmful capabilities may be sharing more than iOS users are aware. Key Features include:

Store sensitive information in the Secure Media Vault. Protect your precious information from prying eyes by storing your photos/videos on the local secure vault with authentication protection. In the event your device is lost or stolen, sensitive data will remain secure. The SecureSnap feature allows you to take photos that get stored directly into the vault.

Backup data and restore your contacts. It can take a long time to build out your contacts list. You don’t want to have to start from scratch in the event your device is lost or wiped—and now you won’t have to with our iOS offering.  Once everything is saved, it’s simple to restore your data to a new device, even if it’s an Android phone or tablet.

Locate and track lost or stolen devices. We all need a little help finding things sometimes, especially if you happen to misplace your phone or it falls into the hands of criminals. Locate your iPhone or iPad on a map using the remote management portal as well as send a message to your device so that someone who finds it knows how to get it back to you. In addition, the SOS feature automatically saves the last known location of your device before the battery runs out.

Jailbreak Detection for your iPhone. Jailbreaking a device not only voids some Apple warranties, but it can also leave them vulnerable to malware and other threats. Our Jailbreak Detection feature informs you if a device has been tampered with so you don’t fall victim to software malfunctions or rogue apps.

Ensure the protection of your Apple devices from the latest threats—download McAfee Mobile Security for iOS today from the iTunes store. For more information about McAfee solutions on other mobile operating systems, visit



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