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ClickFix Deception: A Social Engineering Tactic to Deploy Malware

Authored by Yashvi Shah and Vignesh Dhatchanamoorthy McAfee Labs has discovered a highly unusual method of malware delivery, referred to...

McAfee Labs

Quality Over Quantity: the Counter-Intuitive GenAI Key

It’s been almost two years since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, driving increased mainstream awareness of and access to Generative AI tools....

Mobile Security McAfee Labs

Fake Bahrain Government Android App Steals Personal Data Used for Financial Fraud

Authored by Dexter Shin Many government agencies provide their services online for the convenience of their citizens. Also, if this...

McAfee Labs

How Scammers Hijack Your Instagram

Authored by Vignesh Dhatchanamoorthy, Rachana S Instagram, with its vast user base and dynamic platform, has become a hotbed for...

McAfee Labs

From Spam to AsyncRAT: Tracking the Surge in Non-PE Cyber Threats

Authored by Yashvi Shah and Preksha Saxena AsyncRAT, also known as “Asynchronous Remote Access Trojan,” represents a highly sophisticated malware...

McAfee Labs

The Darkgate Menace: Leveraging Autohotkey & Attempt to Evade Smartscreen

Authored by Yashvi Shah, Lakshya Mathur and Preksha Saxena McAfee Labs has recently uncovered a novel infection chain associated with...

McAfee Labs

Redline Stealer: A Novel Approach

Authored by Mohansundaram M and Neil Tyagi A new packed variant of the Redline Stealer trojan was observed in the...

McAfee Labs

Distinctive Campaign Evolution of Pikabot Malware

Authored by Anuradha and Preksha Introduction PikaBot is a malicious backdoor that has been active since early 2023. Its modular...

McAfee Labs

Android Phishing Scam Using Malware-as-a-Service on the Rise in India

Authored by ZePeng Chen and Wenfeng Yu  McAfee Mobile Research Team has observed an active scam malware campaign targeting Android...

Life at McAfee

How we’re #InspiringInclusion at McAfee for International Women’s Day 2024

International Women’s Day 2024’s theme, #InspireInclusion, reminds us that genuine change requires going beyond individual actions. It’s about fostering an...

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