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Rise of LNK (Shortcut files) Malware

Authored by Lakshya Mathur An LNK file is a Windows Shortcut that serves as a pointer to open a file,...

McAfee Labs

Instagram credentials Stealers: Free Followers or Free Likes

Authored by Dexter Shin  Instagram has become a platform with over a billion monthly active users. Many of Instagram’s users...

McAfee Labs

Instagram credentials Stealer: Disguised as Mod App

Authored by Dexter Shin  McAfee’s Mobile Research Team introduced a new Android malware targeting Instagram users who want to increase...

McAfee Labs

Phishing Campaigns featuring Ursnif Trojan on the Rise

Authored by Jyothi Naveen and Kiran Raj McAfee Labs have been observing a spike in phishing campaigns that utilize Microsoft...

Security News McAfee Labs

Crypto Scammers Exploit: Elon Musk Speaks on Cryptocurrency

By Oliver Devane  Update: In the past 24 hours (from time of publication)  McAfee has identified 15 more scam sites...

Executive Perspectives

Three Years of Pay Parity: Lessons in Maintaining Equality

This month, McAfee celebrates three years of maintaining pay parity. Compensating employees equally for their contributions, regardless of gender or...

McAfee Labs

Scammers are Exploiting Ukraine Donations

Authored by Vallabh Chole and Oliver Devane Scammers are very quick at reacting to current events, so they can generate...

Life at McAfee

Why I’m Proud to Protect

At McAfee, we’re proud to protect. It’s part of our DNA. We’re all dedicated to keeping the world safe from...

McAfee Labs

Imposter Netflix Chrome Extension Dupes 100k Users

Authored by Oliver Devane, Vallabh Chole, and Aayush Tyagi  McAfee has recently observed several malicious Chrome Extensions which, once installed,...

Life at McAfee

McAfee Teammates Share How They’ll Help #BreakTheBias this International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day serves as an important reminder that each and every one of us plays a role in recognizing...

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