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Exploring Winrar Vulnerability (CVE-2023-38831)

Authored by Neil Tyagi On 23 August 2023, NIST disclosed a critical RCE vulnerability CVE-2023-38831. It is related to an...

McAfee Labs

Agent Tesla’s Unique Approach: VBS and Steganography for Delivery and Intrusion

Authored by Yashvi Shah Agent Tesla functions as a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) and an information stealer built on the...

McAfee Labs

Peeling Back the Layers of RemcosRat Malware

Authored by Preksha Saxena McAfee labs observed a Remcos RAT campaign where malicious VBS files were delivered via phishing email....

McAfee Labs

Crypto Scam: SpaceX Tokens for Sale

Authored by: Neil Tyagi   Scam artists know no bounds—and that also applies to stealing your cryptocurrency. Crypto scams are like...

McAfee Labs

Invisible Adware: Unveiling Ad Fraud Targeting Android Users

Authored by SangRyol Ryu, McAfee Threat Researcher We live in a world where advertisements are everywhere, and it’s no surprise...

McAfee Labs

The Season of Back to School Scams

Authored by: Lakshya Mathur and Yashvi Shah  As the Back-to-School season approaches, scammers are taking advantage of the opportunity to...

McAfee Labs

Scammers Follow the Rebranding of Twitter to X, to Distribute Malware

Authored by: Vallabh Chole and Yerko Grbic On July 23rd, 2023, Elon Musk announced that the social networking site, Twitter...

McAfee Labs

Android SpyNote attacks electric and water public utility users in Japan

Authored by Yukihiro Okutomi  McAfee’s Mobile team observed a smishing campaign against Japanese Android users posing as a power and...

McAfee Labs

CLOP Ransomware exploits MOVEit software

Authored by: Abhishek Karnik and Oliver Devane You may have heard recently in the news that several organizations, including banks,...

McAfee Labs

GULoader Campaigns: A Deep Dive Analysis of a highly evasive Shellcode based loader

Authored by: Anandeshwar Unnikrishnan Stage 1: GULoader Shellcode Deployment  In recent GULoader campaigns, we are seeing a rise in NSIS-based...

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