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McAfee Labs

New Wave of SHTML Phishing Attacks

Authored By Anuradha McAfee Labs has recently observed a new wave of phishing attacks. In this wave, the attacker has...

McAfee Labs

Deconstructing Amadey’s Latest Multi-Stage Attack and Malware Distribution

Authored by By Yashvi Shah  McAfee Labs have identified an increase in Wextract.exe samples, that drop a malware payload at...

McAfee Labs

HiddenAds Spread via Android Gaming Apps on Google Play

Authored by Dexter Shin  Minecraft is a popular video game that can be played on a desktop or mobile. This...

McAfee Labs

Fakecalls Android Malware Abuses Legitimate Signing Key

Authored by Dexter Shin  McAfee Mobile Research Team found an Android banking trojan signed with a key used by legitimate...

McAfee Labs

Extortion Fraud is Still on the Rise

Authored by Lakshya Mathur and Sriram P  McAfee Intelligence observed a huge spike in extortion email frauds over the past month....

McAfee Labs

Goldoson: Privacy-invasive and Clicker Android Adware found in popular apps in South Korea

Authored by SangRyol Ryu McAfee’s Mobile Research Team discovered a software library we’ve named Goldoson, which collects lists of applications...

Life at McAfee

From Workshops to Leader Panels: A Recap of Women’s History Month at McAfee

From Workshops to Leader Panels: A Recap of Women’s History Month at McAfee March is Women’s History Month and International...

McAfee Labs

The Rising Trend of OneNote Documents for Malware delivery

Authored By Anandeshwar Unnikrishnan,Sakshi Jaiswal,Anuradha M  McAfee Labs has recently observed a new Malware campaign which used malicious OneNote documents...

Executive Perspectives

Closing the Pay Gap: How Pay Parity Continues to Transform Our Workplace

Four years ago, we achieved something that few companies had — pay parity, by compensating all our employees equally for...

Life at McAfee

McAfee Teammates Share How They #EmbraceEquity This International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a time for us to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women at McAfee and around...

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