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McAfee Defender’s Blog: Operation North Star Campaign

Building Adaptable Security Architecture Against the Operation North Star Campaign Operation North Star Overview Over the last few months, we have seen attackers take advantage of the pandemic as a cover to launch cyberattacks. One such example is a campaign that McAfee Advanced Threat Research (ATR) observed as an increase ...

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Six Hundred Million Reasons to Celebrate: No More Ransom Turns FOUR!!

Happy Birthday! Today we mark the fourth anniversary of the NoMoreRansom initiative with over 4.2 million visitors, from 188 countries, stopping an estimated $632 million in ransom demands from ending up in criminals’ pockets. It would be fair to say that the initiative, which started in a small meeting room ...

Life at McAfee

Women in Sales Part 1: Opportunities for Women Across Cybersecurity Sales

Collaborative, inclusive teams are what redefine cybersecurity solutions for every aspect of our connected world. At McAfee, women are making a significant impact in cybersecurity, including all aspects of sales.   Executive vice president of global sales and marketing, Lynne Doherty, shares her perspective on the importance of inclusion and leads us into the start of our ...

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Hunting for Blues – the WSL Plan 9 Protocol BSOD

Windows Subsystem for Linux Plan 9 Protocol Research Overview This is the final blog in the McAfee research series trilogy on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) implementation – see The Twin Journey (part 1) and Knock, Knock–Who’s There (part 2). The previous research discussed file evasion attacks when the ...

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McAfee COVID-19 Report Reveals Pandemic Threat Evolution

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team today published the McAfee® Labs COVID-19 Threats Report, July 2020. In this “Special Edition” threat report, we delve deep into the COVID-19 related attacks observed by our McAfee Advanced Threats Research and McAfee Labs teams in the first quarter of 2020 and the early ...

Life at McAfee

How to Adopt a Work-from-Home Mindset

By: Paige, Change Management Manager, Plano, TX, United States In the last few months, navigating through the pandemic has yielded changes in every aspect of our daily lives.  Because of COVID-19, many companies have suddenly moved to full remote work. My husband and I received news about this and school ...

Life at McAfee

Best Practices for Adapting to a Remote Work Lifestyle 

As our world continues to evolve, we have been forced to adapt accordingly. Navigating change can be difficult for many, so here are useful tips McAfee team members have been using to improve productivity, stay healthy and help customers stay digitally secure during the pandemic.  Productivity Hacks Applying simple hacks to your ...

Executive Perspectives

How McAfee Makes an Impact: 2019 CSR Report Launch

At McAfee, we defend the world from cyber threats. We live our values daily. But most importantly, we recognize the power of inclusion and diversity in helping to create a better world inside and outside of McAfee. Recently, we launched our 2019 corporate social responsibility report—our Impact Report. Last year, ...

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Ripple20 Vulnerability Mitigation Best Practices

On June 16th, the Department of Homeland Security and CISA ICS-CERT issued a critical security advisory warning covering multiple newly discovered vulnerabilities affecting Internet-connected devices manufactured by multiple vendors. This set of 19 vulnerabilities in a low-level TCP/IP software library developed by Treck has been dubbed “Ripple20” by researchers from JSOF. A networking ...


ST20: Quantum Computing with Steve Grobman & Jon King

McAfee’s Chief Technology Officer Steve Grobman and Fellow Jon King discuss quantum computing and potential impacts to security as this technology continues to develop.

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