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The Rise and Risks of AI Art Apps

Authored by Fernando Ruiz The popularity of AI-based mobile applications that can create artistic images based on pictures, such as...

Life at McAfee

Know Your Superpower: Brenda’s McAfee Journey

Our How I Got Here series spotlights the stories of McAfee team members who have successfully grown their careers. Read more about...

McAfee Labs

Fake Security App Found Abuses Japanese Payment System

Authored by SangRyol Ryu and Yukihiro Okutomi  McAfee’s Mobile Research team recently analyzed new malware targeting mobile payment users in...

McAfee Labs

Threat Actors Taking Advantage of FTX Bankruptcy 

Authored by Oliver Devane  It hasn’t taken malicious actors long to take advantage of the recent bankruptcy filing of FTX,...

McAfee Labs

Microsoft’s Edge over Popups (and Google Chrome)

Following up on our previous blog, How to Stop the Popups, McAfee Labs saw a sharp decrease in the number...

Internet Security McAfee Labs

Don’t Get Caught Offsides with These World Cup Scams

Authored by: Christy Crimmins and Oliver Devane Football (or Soccer as we call it in the U.S.) is the most...

Life at McAfee

For some, accounting is more than just spreadsheets! Vernon’s McAfee Journey

Vernon has been our Manager of Technical Accounting for more than two years, but that doesn’t mean he’s busy with...

McAfee Labs

New Malicious Clicker found in apps installed by 20M+ users

Authored by SangRyol Ryu Cybercriminals are always after illegal advertising revenue. As we have previously reported, we have seen many...

Life at McAfee

#WSPD Creating hope through action with The Jordan Legacy

*TW: Mentions Suicide Our passion for protecting people doesn’t stop with online safety. We deeply care for our people, their...

McAfee Labs

Malicious Cookie Stuffing Chrome Extensions with 1.4 Million Users

Authored by Oliver Devane and Vallabh Chole  September 9, 2022 Update: Since the original publication of this blog on August...

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