Best Practices for Adapting to a Remote Work Lifestyle 

As our world continues to evolve, we have been forced to adapt accordingly. Navigating change can be difficult for many, so here are useful tips McAfee team members have been using to improve productivity, stay healthy and help customers stay digitally secure during the pandemic. 

Productivity Hacks

Applying simple hacks to your routine and environment can help you stay productive. Create a workspace separate from your living space if you can. One tip is to get ready and get dressed as if you were going to the office. You’ll be prepared for that video conference when you feel put together. Recreating the “comforts of office” at home with accessories like a good mouse/keyboard set, external monitor, chair and even an office plant can go a long way. When you’re done for the day, close your laptop to reinforce the separation between work and your personal life. 

While some can seamlessly continue normal workday hours, many need to juggle between being a home school principal and master chef de cuisine before being able to look at emails. Try to find a balanced routine that works for your needs—and don’t be afraid to change it. 

Ways to Focus on Wellbeing and Stay Active at Home

Many athletic and health companies have brought their classes and routines online for free so people can stay active. The exercises range in intensity and function so you can easily find something that works for you. Whether you prefer a heart-racing, 20-minute HIIT cardio workout, or a decompressing 40-minute yoga session (or both, depending on what the day brings!), there are plenty of options for staying active indoors. These exercises can also be a family bonding activity to stay active together. Additionally, meditation apps have started offering free services to help improve mental wellbeing. 

Experimenting in the kitchen may also inspire some creative, healthy cooking. With many restaurants expanding to pickup and delivery models, now is a great time to support local businesses and to try that place you’ve previously set your sights on.

Be sure to stay in touch with your community, friends and family. Check up on others via text, call, or video to see how they’re doing and spend virtual time together. This applies equally to teammates. Encouraging remote lunches and social hours helps everyone stay connected and motivated. 

Tips for Staying Digitally Secure

As you’re spending more time online, and possibly seeing more devices connected to your network, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your home’s digital privacy and security. For starters, consider strengthening your network and internet passwords. Talk to your kids about cybercrime to make sure they remember to practice digital hygiene as they connect online for classes and socialize with friends. 

As our external environment changes, so too does the digital threat landscape. When in doubt, connect to a VPN to help keep your personal data and financial transactions safe from prying eyes. Consider using a safe browser extension to help identify illegitimate websites, especially when shopping for supplies or staying up to date on the news. Pairing security tools with best practices can help keep you and your family safer online. 

Find Balance by Building in Hobbies

There is no shortage of indoor entertainment options, including video games, online board games and TV shows. Even some museums and zoos have made tours available online. Picking up a new hobby, book or new language could be a great way to keep your mind active. Above all, we encourage you to take care of yourself and your family. 

Building hobbies and leisurely activities into your daily routine can help bring structure to your routine. Here is how our team member, Lily, is finding balance while working to keep you safe online:

“Transitioning to working from home full-time has taught me the need to establish a routine and stick to itto ensure I’m exercising, setting work hours and taking breaks. Trying to establish a routine during the first couple of weeks was a challenge at first, but now I feel more balanced. Another good tip is to always keep healthy snacks and water at your work station!” 

Want to work for a company that values employee wellbeing and helps you reach greater heights? Check out McAfee’s latest opportunities. 

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