Five Tips from McAfee’s Remote Workers

Whether you’re working from for the first time or a remote working veteran, you may be looking for some tips to set yourself up for success as many of us practice social distancing to protect the health of our families and communities.

We turned to McAfee’s remote team members who regularly navigate working from home for advice. Incorporate the valuable practical tips or reminders, like virtual coffee breaks or lunches, below into your new routine.

  1. Get Comfortable with Technology
    “As I help my kids start online learning through Zoom, I’m reminded our customers use a variety of platforms. When you can’t meet face-to-face, get comfortable with using different platforms to stay connected with your clients. ​​​​​​​Remember, like us, technology is constantly improving so stay relevant and keep your skills fresh, practice and don’t be afraid to ask questions or pause for a quick Google search.”
    — Paige, Organizational Change Manager
  2. Separate Work and Life
    “Try to have a separate work space that detaches you from home life and distractions. Keep regular hours. Not necessarily 9-5, but routine times for work. Schedule break times to get away so you don’t get carried away with work and leverage tools like Microsoft Teams to collaborate, call, message and meet with others.”
    — Mark, Professional Services Consultant
  3. Pack Your Patience & Be Healthy
    “Life is happening right now for us, our customers, our partners and our families. This morning, it took four call backs to get through a customer call as his children were arguing in the background. We can work through this time together with patience and understanding. Schedule breaks and focus on your own health with home workouts to combat cabin fever and maintain your sanity. No equipment? No worries. A towel can replace a yoga mat and two cans from your pantry can replace weights.”
    — Brenda, North America Consumer Sales
  4. Invest in the Right Tools
    “What are some tools you’ve been eyeing that might help improve your workflow or productivity? I recently bought the Bose SoundLink Revolve to use as a speakerphone on my desk at home. It helps me block out distractions and focus. Works great!”
    — Suzette, Software Sales Account Rep
  5. Follow Instant Messaging Etiquette
    “When you can’t gauge how busy someone is sitting next to you, connect with care in response to someone’s current status availability. If someone’s status is “Busy,” consider waiting to reduce interruptions, a brief IM to see if they can talk or an email instead. And remember, brevity is key. It provides your recipient with the ability to respond if available or ignore immediately and respond later when available.”
    — Andy, Enterprise Architect

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