From Military Kid to Product Marketing: My McAfee Journey

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jovohn!

From military beginnings to mobile security champion, meet Jovohn, our passionate Product Marketer and MAHC President. Discover how his unique path led him to advocate for customer safety and drive innovation in McAfee’s mobile business.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at McAfee?  

Absolutely! I’m a proud graduate of Indiana University, and my journey to the Product Marketing team at McAfee has been my own personal adventure. Growing up as a military kid, I thrived on change, adapting to new environments every few years. From Alaskan frostbite to New Mexico sand dunes, those experiences shaped my adaptability and perspective. I loved team sports and dabbled in music, even engineering for a Sony artist before my 15+ year marketing career!

Recently, I transitioned from McAfee’s Retention Marketing team to my new role in Product Marketing, where I’m navigating the dynamic world of McAfee’s mobile business. Developing strategic marketing initiatives is not just a job for me; it’s a creative adventure, and I’m excited to bring that energy to the team!

But my role goes beyond crafting campaigns. I play a part in ensuring our customers receive top-notch mobile security solutions, directly contributing to McAfee’s mission of protecting our connected world. Every day, I’m involved in understanding the competitive landscape, gathering feedback from our customers, and using those insights to help shape products that truly address their needs. It’s more than marketing; it’s advocating for our customers and giving them the tools to stay safe online, which is core to our work at McAfee.

What sparked your passion for marketing?  

Believe it or not, it all started with Eddie Murphy’s “Boomerang!” This captivating movie offered a glimpse into the advertising world, igniting my passion for marketing. It started in high school with direct marketing, where I was the youngest voice in a call center where we provided direct marketing sales for telecom comapnies. After college, I built a foundation in market research, fascinated by the power of data and its impact on marketing decisions. This fueled my drive to become a well-rounded, data-driven marketer.

What’s your favorite thing about working at McAfee? 

After six years at McAfee, I cherish the collaborative and innovative atmosphere. Working with talented colleagues who become friends makes it even better. Our dynamic environment, fueled by teamwork, respect, and a constant pursuit of excellence, drives collective success. Plus, contributing to McAfee’s mobile business growth is incredibly rewarding! Seeing the impact our work has on safeguarding millions of people worldwide fuels a deep sense of purpose and accomplishment. I’m excited to collaborate with my team, developing and executing strategies that drive meaningful results while enhancing the security and digital well-being of our mobile experiences. It’s an opportunity to not only push the boundaries of innovation but also make a tangible difference in the lives of millions.

Tell us about MAHC and your role as president! 

Leading MAHC (McAfee African Heritage Community) is an honor, aligning with my passion for fostering diverse communities. I’ve been involved for five years, taking a more active leadership role in 2022 to truly make a difference.

MAHC is more than just a professional hub; it’s a space for engaging conversations that go beyond work, fostering a culture of respect and understanding that McAfee values. We host talks with individuals from all walks of life, making it a cathartic platform not just for professional growth but also for personal connection and understanding. It’s a unique blend of networking and genuine camaraderie.

Life outside of McAfee? 

My greatest joy comes from being a husband and dad. Our family is always on the go, from after-school activities to sports! Weekends are all about fellowship, connecting with grandparents, and staying grounded in what truly matters. Personally, I love finding a good show to binge, gaming, and soaking up the outdoors in open spaces. It’s all about balance and bringing a fresh perspective to both my personal and professional life.

And finally, what advice would you give for anyone considering a career in product marketing?  

Despite my non-traditional product marketing background, I bring a diverse skill set from market research and advertising. For those considering a product marketing career, I would embrace a multidisciplinary approach. This allows for a well-rounded understanding of consumer behavior, market dynamics, and effective communication strategies. Success for today’s marketers often lies in the ability to draw insights from various experiences and apply them creatively in today’s dynamic market landscape.

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