How a Group of McAfee Team Members Helped Change the Lives of Critically Ill Children

The generosity and kindness displayed by team members across McAfee is one major factor that makes up the incredible culture of the company. At McAfee, we empower our team members to initiate meaningful ways to give back to the community. It came to no surprise when a large group of team members came together in order to run a donation drive to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that helps grant wishes to thousands of children fighting life-threatening medical conditions. One way to support the foundation is by donating airline miles. Nationally, Make-A-Wish needs more than 2.8 billion miles, or 50,000 round-trip tickets, to cover every child’s travel wish each year. Every mile donated will help kids and their families travel to destinations around the world, once it is safe to resume travel. It is just one of the ways that individuals can help create a life-changing wish experience. 

Some of our team members organized an air miles donation drive and encouraged others to donate their miles to the cause. The impact was astronomical, with team members raising over 585,000 miles to benefit the MakeaWish Foundation in the Bay Area.  

We reached out to three airline mile contributors at McAfee and discussed what inspired them to contribute to this extraordinary initiative.

Derek, Product Manager, Hawaii 

I was happy to see the McAfee family come together and support a terrific cause by donating airline miles to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Giving is a key element in my faith and a core value. I knew that I could either cash in the points and do something with my family, or I could put the miles towards an even greater purpose and help a child who is truly in need of experiencing something special. The choice was an easy one to make.  

I believe that helping others is one of our top callingsThat is why I choose to give and do so generously with joy. I know that I’m not alone here at McAfee. There is a great culture of generosity that I’ve witnessed across the organization and I’m happy to simply be a part of that and do what I can to help others. 

Laura, Senior Manager Business Operations, Santa Clara, California 

Years ago, my brother was a starving college student who volunteered for a local charity and drove cancer patients to their medical appointments. When I asked him about his volunteer work, he said that he didn’t have a lot of money, but he had time. Volunteering allowed him to make a difference in someone’s life and give back. It was a lifechanging moment for me because it expanded how I think about giving to include time, donations and acts of kindness. 

I chose to participate in the air miles donation drive because I love that this program provides time for critically ill children to spend with their loved ones while creating memorable and happy experiences.  

I am incredibly grateful to our McAfee leaders who create opportunities for us to give back. Giving back is at the core of McAfee’s DNA and having closely connected teams makes it easy for team members to answer call to action. 

Pramod, Principal Engineer, Portland, Oregon 

Giving is all about making small differences whenever and wherever you can, in any form. We can make a huge difference in the lives of others, especially when we are in a position where we can help those who need us the most. 

When team members from the enterprise organization set up a drive for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, it connected with me on a personal level. As I went through the stories of children whose wishes were granted through the program, I was moved to learn about how a little effort can create the best moments in someone’s life. 

Meaningful communication from our HR team members and leadership promoting efforts to volunteer and give back to the community are motivatingI like that McAfee has a dedicated site that team members can access for giving and that there are opportunities in which McAfee matches team member donations. Collectively, we can make a big difference to the world around us. Truly, together is power.

At McAfee, we encourage and support the efforts of our team members to make a difference in their communities. If you’re interested in
joining the McAfee team, we’d love to hear from you.

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